Peace betwixt Animal Spirits


When they keep2 peace, and all do well agree,
Then is commerce in every kingdom free,
And through the nerves they travel without fear;
There are no thieves to rob them of their ware.
Those3 wares are several touches which they bring              5
Unto the senses, which4 buy everything.
But to the muscles they do much5 recourse,
For in those kingdoms trading hath great force,
Which kingdoms always6 join by two and two,
That they with ease may7 pass and repass through.            10

  1. Peace betwixt Animal Spirits] Peace. 1653
  2. they keep] there is 1653
  3. Those] Their 1653
  4. which] they 1653
  5. do much] have great 1664, 1668
  6. Which kingdoms always] Those Kingdomes 1653
  7. That they with ease may] So they with ease doe 1653