Air Begot by Heat and Moisture

When heat and moisture join2 with equal merit,
They get a body3 thin of air, or spirit,
Which is a smoke or steam begot from both.
If Mother Moisture4 rule, ’tis full of sloth,
But if the5 Father Fire predominates,                       5
Then it is active, quick, and elevates.
This airy child is sometimes good or bad
According to the nourishment it had.

  1. In 1653 this poem is called “Air Begot of Heat and Moisture”
  2. When heat and moisture join] Heate, and Moisture joyn’d 1653
  3. They get a body] Get a Body 1653
  4. Mother Moisture] Mother-Moisture 1668
  5. But if the] If the 1653