Of the Subtlety of Motion

Could we the several motions of life know,
The subtle windings, and the ways they go,
We should of unknown things dispute no more,1
How they be2 done, but the great God adore.3
But we with ignorance about do run                           5
To know the ends and how they first begun,
Spending that life—which God in us did raise4
To worship him and in his works to praise—5
With fruitless, vain, impossible pursuits
In schools, lectures, and6 quarrelling disputes.        10
We7 never give him thanks that did us make,
But proud8 as petty gods ourselves do take.

  1. of unknown things dispute no more,] adore God more, and not dispute, 1653
  2. be] are 1653
  3. the great God adore.] that great God can doe’t. 1653
  4. God in us did raise] Natures God did give 1653
  5. To worship him and in his works to praise—] Us to adore him, and his wonders with, 1653
  6. lectures, and] and Lectures, 1668
  7. We] But 1653
  8. But proud] Proudly, 1653