Fame’s Library within the Temple


In Fame’s great library are records2 placed;
What act’s not there, into oblivion’s3 cast.
There stand the shelves4 of time, where books do lie,
Which books are tied by chains of destiny.
The master of this place they Favor call,                               5
Where Care, the door-keeper, doth lock up all,
Yet not so fast, but Brib’ry in doth steal,5
Cozenage, Partiality—and truth not reveal.6
But bribery through all the world takes7 place,
And off’rings,8 as a bribe, in heaven find9 grace.              10
Then let not men disdain a bribe to take,
Since gods do blessings10 give for a bribe’s sake.

  1. Temple] Temples 1653
  2. In Fame’s great library are records] Fames Library, where old Records are 1653
  3. there, into oblivion’s] here unto oblivion 1653
  4. stand the shelves] stands the skelves 1653
  5. Brib’ry in doth steal] Bribery in steals, 1653
  6. Cozenage, Partiality—and truth not reveal.] Partialities, cousenage truths not reveals. 1653
  7. But bribery through all the world takes] For Brib’ry doth through all the world take 1664; for Brib’ry doth through all the World take 1668
  8. off’rings,] offerings 1653; Offerings, 1664
  9. find] findes 1653
  10. blessings] blessing 1653