A Dialogue between Love and Hate

Both Love and Hate fell in a great dispute,
And hard it was each other to confute,
Which did most good, or evil most did1 shun.
At last with frowning brows Hate thus2 begun:

“I fly,” said she, “from wicked and base acts,                      5
And tear the bonds unjust,3 and4 ill contracts.
I do abhor all murder, war, and strife,
Inhumane actions and disordered life,
Ungrateful and unthankful minds that shun
All those from whom they have received a boon.              10
From discords harsh and rude5 my ears I stop,
And what is bad I from the good do lop.
I perjured lovers brand with foul disgrace,
And from ill objects do I hide my face.
Things, that are bad I hate, or what seems so,                    15
But Love is contrary to this, I know.
Love loves ambitïon, the6 mind’s hot fire,
Would ruin worlds only7 to rise up higher.
You love to please your appetite and8 will,
To glut your gusto you delight in still.                                   20
You love to flatter, and be flattered too,
And, for your lust, poor virgins would undo.
You love the ruin of your foes to see,
And of your friends, if they but prosperous be.
You nothing love besides yourself, though ill,                      25
And with vainglorious wind your brain do fill.
You love no ways but where your bias tends,
And love the Gods only for your own ends.”

But Love, in words as sweet as Nature is,
Said Hate was false, and always did amiss.                         30
For she did cankerfret, the soul destroy,
Disturb the pleasure wherein life takes joy,
Ruin the world with wars, which peace would make,9
Torment the head and10 heart, revenge to take.11
She12 never rests till she descends to Hell,                          35
For she amongst the devils loves to13 dwell.
“But14 I,” said Love, “unite, and15 concords make.
All music was invented for my sake.
I men by laws in commonwealths do join,
And ’gainst16 a common foe do them17 combine.              40
To th’sick, lame, weak, and agèd I’m a friend;18
I watch, guard, keep, and do them safe defend.19
For20 honor’s sake I do high21 courage raise,
And bring to Beauty’s22 shrine off’rings23 of praise.
Compassion’s bowels I24 the world throughout                 45
Do carry, and distribute all about.
I to the Gods show rev’rence,25 bow and pray,
And in their heav’nly26 mansions bear great sway.”

Thus Love and Hate in some things equal be,
Yet in disputes they27 always disagree.                                50

  1. evil most did] did most Evil 1664; did most Evil 1668
  2. At last with frowning brows Hate thus] Then Hate with frowning Browes this Speech 1653
  3. the bonds unjust,] all unjust Bonds 1664; all unjust Bonds, 1668
  4. and] or 1653
  5. discords harsh and rude] harsh and rude Discords 1664; harsh and rude Discords, 1668
  6. the] as the 1664, 1668
  7. Would ruin worlds only] And Worlds would ruine, for 1653
  8. and] and your 1653
  9. Ruin the world with wars, which peace would make,] The World disorder, which in Peace would keep, 1653
  10. and] the 1653
  11. take.] seek: 1653
  12. She] And 1653
  13. For she amongst the devils loves to] And therefore ever amongst Devils 1653
  14. But] For 1653
  15. and] aud 1653
  16. And ’gainst] Against 1653
  17. do them] as one 1653
  18. To th’sick, lame, weak, and agèd I’m a friend;] I am a Guard, to watch, defend, and keep, 1653
  19. I watch, guard, keep, and do them safe defend.] The Sick, the Lame, the Helplesse, Aged, weak: 1653
  20. For] I for 1653
  21. I do high] high 1653
  22. Beauty’s] Beautie 1653
  23. off’rings] Offerings 1653
  24. Compassion’s bowels I] I Pity, and Compassion 1653
  25. show rev’rence,] do reverence, 1653
  26. heav’nly] Heavenly 1653
  27. they] will 1653