Of Tranquillity

That mind which would in peace and quiet be
Must cast off cares and foolish vanity.
With honest desires a1 house’t2 must build
Upon the ground of honor, and be3 sealed
With constant resolutions, to4 last long,                              5
If it on pillars stands5 of justice strong.
Let nothing dwell there but thoughts right6 holy;
Turn out ignorance7 and rude rash folly.
There will the mind enjoy itself in pleasure,
For to itself it is the greatest treasure.                                 10
For they are poor, whose mind is discontent;
What joy they have, it is but to them8 lent.
The world is like unto a troubled sea,
Life like9 a bark made of a rotten tree,
Where every wave endangers it to split,                             15
And drowned it is, if ’gainst a rock it hit.
But if this bark be made with temp’rance10 strong,
It mounts the waves, and travels far and11 long;
If Prudence it doth as a12 pilot guide,
It scapes all rocks, and13 goes with wind and tide.            20
There14 Love, as15 merchant, traffics up to Heav’n,16
And, for his prayers, mercies him hath17 given.
Conscience, as factor, sets the price of things;
Tranquillity, as buyer,18 money brings.

  1. honest desires a] right Honest desires an 1664; right Honest Desires, an 1668
  2. hous’t] house 1653
  3. and be] which being 1664; which being 1668
  4. to] will 1664, 1668
  5. If it on pillars stands] Rais’d on the Pillars 1653
  6. right] truly 1664, 1668
  7. ignorance] dull Ignorance, 1664; dull Ignorance, 1668
  8. but to them] to them but 1664
  9. like] as 1653
  10. temp’rance] Temperance 1653
  11. travels far and] Voyages takes 1653
  12. Prudence it doth as a] Discretion doth, as the 1653
  13. and] still 1653
  14. There] Where 1653
  15. as] the 1664, 1668
  16. Heav’n,] Heaven, 1653
  17. mercies him hath] he hath Mercies 1653
  18. buyer,] Buyers, in the 1653