A Discourse of Love, the Parent of Passions


No mind can think, nor2 understanding know,
To what a height and vastness Love can grow.
Love, as a god, all passions doth create,
Besides itself, and those determinate.
To Love bows down and prays devoutly3 Fear;                  5
Sadness and Grief Love’s heavy burdens bear.
Anger makes rage, and4 envy, spleen, and spite,
Like thunder roars,5 and in Love’s quarrels fight.
Th’informing spy of Love is Jealousy,6
And Doubt its guide, to search where th’foes do7 lie.       10
Pity, Love’s child, whose eyes with tears do flow,8
On every object misery doth9 show.
Hate is Love’s champion, which opposeth all
Love’s enemies, their ruin and their fall.

  1. This poem is the first in a section entitled “Moral Discourses”.
  2. nor] or 1653
  3. To Love bows down and prays devoutly] Bowing downe low, devoutly prayeth 1653
  4. makes rage, and] Rage makes, 1653
  5. roars,] Roar, 1664; roar, 1668
  6. Th’informing spy of Love is Jealousy,] Jealousie, Loves Informer is t’espie, 1653
  7. where th’ foes do] where’ts Foe doth 1653
  8. with tears do flow,] Teares overflow, 1653
  9. doth] can 1653