Another Voyage of the Same Ship

Then this same2 ship another voyage went;
Balanced it was with spice of sweet content.
The mast was merit, sails3 of love tied thereon,4
Which sails by virtue’s zephyrs were blown.5
On the great6 sea of honor did it go;7                                  5
Fame was the land which it8 did traffic to.9
At last a storm of poverty did rise,
And showers of miseries fell from the skies,
And thund’ring creditors a noise did make
With threat’ning bills, as if the ship they’d10 break,        10
Forced it towards the northern pole, where cold11
And icy wants did of12 this ship take hold.
At last13 the sun of charity did melt
Those icy wants, so liberty she14 felt,
And15 oars of honest industry did row,                              15
Till16 gentle gales of friendship made it go.
But when the storms of dangers all were past,
Upon the coast of Flanders17 it was cast.
But this ship was18 so tottered, torn, and rent,
That none but gods her19 ruin could prevent.                   20

  1. Another Voyage of the Same Ship] The Ship. 1653
  2. Then this same] After this 1653
  3. sails] where Sailes 1653
  4. thereon,] on, 1653
  5. Which sails by virtue’s zephyrs were blown.] By virtuous Zephyrus those Sailes were blowne. 1653. In Cavendish’s text the word is spelled “Zephyrus”; by modernizing the spelling we have altered the meter.
  6. On the great] And on the 1653
  7. go;] swim, 1653
  8. Fame was the land which it] And to the Land of Fame 1653
  9. to.] in. 1653
  10. they’d] would 1653
  11. Forced it towards the northern pole, where cold] This Ship was forc’d towards the Northern Pole; 1653
  12. And icy wants did of] There Icy Wants did on 1653
  13. At last] Untill 1664; Until 1668
  14. so liberty she] then Liberty it 1664; then Liberty it 1668
  15. And] The 1664, 1668
  16. Till] And 1664, 1668
  17. of Flanders] of ——— 1653 (1653 has a long bar rather than a word)
  18. But this ship was] Yet was this Ship 1653
  19. her] the 1653; its 1664, 1668