Thunder is a Wind in the Middle Region.

Who knows, but thunders are great winds which lie
Within the middle vault above the sky?
Which wind1 the sun on2 moisture cold begot,
When he was3 in his region Cancer hot.
This child4 is thin and subtle, made by heat;                    5
Its voice is strong5 and makes a noise that’s great.
Its thinness makes it agile, agile strong,
And6 by its force doth drive the clouds along.
And when the clouds do meet, they each do strike,
Flashing out fire, as do flints7 the like.                              10
Thus in the summer thunder’s caused by wind,
For vapor drawn up8 high no way can find9
To pass; in winter time,10 when clouds11 are loose,
Then doth the wind on Earth keep rendezvous.


  1. wind] Winds 1664; Winds, 1668
  2. on] by 1664, 1668
  3. was] is 1653
  4. A marginal note in Cavendish’s 1664 and 1668 texts reads: “The wind.” This note does not appear in 1653.
  5. Its voice is strong] It gets a voice, 1653
  6. And] Which 1653
  7. as do flints] as Flints do, or 1664, 1668
  8. For vapor drawn up] Vapour drawn so 1653
  9. can find] out can find 1653
  10. To pass; in winter time,] But in the Winter, 1653
  11. clouds] the Clouds 1653