Of Fire in the Flint

The reason fire lies1 in flint unseen
Is other figured atoms lie2 between.
For being bound and overpowered by
A multitude, they do in prison lie.
Unless motion do come and let3 them out                           5
With a strong power, which make them4 fly about.
But if that flint be beat to powder small,
To separate the grossest,5 released are all.
And6 when they once are out, they ne’er come back,7
But seek about another form to make.8                               10

  1. lies] doth lye 1664, 1668
  2. lie] stick 1664, 1668
  3. Unless motion do come and let] Unlesse that Motion doth release 1653
  4. a strong power, which make them] as strong power, which make them 1653; a strong power, and then they 1664; a strong Power, and then they 1668
  5. To separate the grossest,] The Grossest to divide, 1664, 1668
  6. And] But 1653
  7. they ne’er come back,] do not returne, 1653
  8. another form to make.] to make another Forme. 1653