What Makes Echo

The same motion which from the mouth doth move1
Runs through the air, which we by echo prove.2
As several letters in one word do join,3
So several figures through the air combine.
The air is wax, words seal, and give the print,           5
And so4 an echo in the air do mint.
And while those figures last, they life5 maintain;
When motion wears them out, echo is6 slain.
As sugar in the mouth doth melt with7 taste,
So echo in the air itself doth waste.                             10

  1. The same motion which from the mouth doth move] That Motion, which doth from the Mouth proceed, 1664, 1668
  2. which we by echo prove.] and doth an Eccho breed; 1664; and doth an Eccho breed. 1668
  3. in one word do join,] do a word up-joyne, 1653
  4. And so] Those words 1653
  5. they life] Life do 1653
  6. them out, echo is] it out, is Eccho 1653; them out, is Eccho 1664
  7. with] and 1653