Doubt’s Assault, and Hope’s Defense

Doubt round1 the fort of Hope intrenchèd2 lay,
Stopped all provisions that should pass that way,
Digging3 forth earth to raise up rampires high;
Against Hope’s curtains did their cannons4 lie.
The line being long, it seemed the weakest place,                           5
Or else to batter down the frontier’s face.
There pioneers did dig a mine to spring,
Balls and grenados in the5 fort did fling;
Rams they did place, to beat their walls down flat,
With many engines more,6 as good as that.                                    10
But when7 Doubt breaches made in any part,
Hope’s industry soon closed it up8 with art.
Yet Doubt did resolve9 fierce assaults to make,
And did set10 ladders up the fort to take;
When Hope perceived,11 great stones and weights down flung, 15
Which many killed as they on ladders hung.
Many did fall, and in the ditch did lie,
But then fresh men did straight their place supply.
Upon the walls of Hope many lay dead,
And those that fought did on their bodies tread.                            20
Thus various fortune on each side did fall,
And Death was th’only12 conqueror of all.

  1. Doubt round] ABout 1653; DOubts round 1668
  2. intrenchèd] Doubt intrenched 1653
  3. Digging] They dig 1653
  4. cannons] Cannon 1653
  5. in the] into th’ 1664, 1668
  6. With many engines more,] And many other Engines, 1653
  7. when] as 1653
  8. Hope’s industry soon closed it up] Streight Hopes industry soon clos’d 1653
  9. did resolve] resolved 1664; resolved, 1668
  10. did set] setting 1653
  11. perceived,] saw this, 1664, 1668
  12. th’only] onely 1653