Similizing Navigation


The sea’s like deserts, which2 are wide and long,
Where ships as horses run, whose breath is strong.
The sternman holds the reins, thereby to guide
The sturdy steed on foamy seas to ride.
The wind’s his whip, to make3 it forward run,4                5
And on each5 side, as6 stirrups, serves a7 gun.
The sails, as saddles, spread upon the back;
The ropes, as girts, which in a storm will crack;
The pump, the breech, where excrements come out;
The needle, as the eye, guides it about.                               10

  1. Similizing Navigation] Of Navigation. 1664, 1668
  2. which] that 1664, 1668
  3. make] beat 1653
  4. run,] on; 1653
  5. And on each] On either 1653
  6. as] for 1664, 1668
  7. serves a] serve each 1653