The Objects of Every Sense Are According to their Motions in the Brain.

We should those men think mad which should us tell1
That they did see a sound, or taste a smell.
Yet reason proves a man doth not err much
Whenas he says2 his senses all are touch.
If actions in a picture3 be lively4 told,                                        5
The brain straight thinks the eye the same5 behold.
The stomach hungry, the nose good meat doth6 smell;
The brain doth7 think that smell the tongue tastes well.
If we a thief do see, and do him8 fear,
We straight do think that breaking doors9 we hear.              10
Imaginations just like motions make,
That every sense is struck with a10 mistake.

  1. should those men think mad, which should us tell] mad should thinke those Men, if they should tell 1653; should those Men think Mad, which us should tell 1664
  2. Whenas he says] When that we say 1653
  3. picture] Table 1653
  4. be lively] lively 1664, 1668
  5. the same] doth them 1664, 1668
  6. The stomach hungry, the nose good meat doth] When hungry Folks their Noses meat do 1664; When hungry Folks, their Noses meat do 1668
  7. The brain doth] Their Brains do 1664, 1668
  8. do him] him do 1653
  9. that breaking doors] breaking of Doors 1664, 1668
  10. is struck with a] doth strike with the 1653