The Cause of the Breaking of the Sun’s Beams


If porous atoms by the sharp are found,
They’re2 born away on points,3 as prisoners bound.
But as they mount, atoms of their own kind
If chance to meet, straight help them to unbind.
For porous atoms, being soft and wet,                       5
When numbers meet, do4 close together get.
And being glut, they join together all:
By one consent they5 pull, and backward6 fall.
If they be round, in showering drops they join,7
And so return, as beads strung on a line.8                10
But if their figures different be from those,
Then like a thick and foggy mist it shows.

  1. In 1664 and 1668 this poem is called “The Cause of the Breaking of the Sun-beams”
  2. They’re] They are 1668
  3. away on points,] on points away, 1653
  4. do] they 1653
  5. they] do 1664, 1668
  6. and backward] so backe do 1653
  7. they join,] returne, 1653
  8. And so return, as beads strung on a line.] Like Beads that are upon a long thread strunge. 1653