Similizing Thoughts


Thoughts as a pen do write upon the brain.
The letters which wise thoughts do write, are plain.
Fools scribble, scrabble, and2 make many a blot,
Which makes them nonsense3 speak—they know not what.
Some4 thoughts, like pencils, draw still to the life,5                  5
And fancies mixed, as colors, give delight.
The sadder6 thoughts are for the7 shadows placed,
By which the lighter fancies are more graced.
Like as8 through dark9 and wat’ry clouds,10 more bright
The sun breaks forth with his resplendent light,                      10
Or like to11 night’s black mantle, where each star
Doth clearer seem, so lighter fancies are.
Some like to12 rainbows various colors show;
So round the brain fantastic fancies grow.

  1. Similizing Thoughts] Thoughts Similized. 1664; Thoughts similized. 1668
  2. Fools scribble, scrabble, and] The foolish Scribl’and Scrable, 1664; The Foolish, scribbl’and scrabble, 1668
  3. nonsense] sometimes 1664, 1668
  4. Some] Or 1653
  5. still to the life,] to please the Sight, 1664; to please the Sight; 1668
  6. The sadder] Sad melancholy 1653
  7. for the] for 1653
  8. Like as] As 1653
  9. dark] a dark, 1653
  10. clouds,] Cloud, 1653
  11. to] as 1664, 1668
  12. Some like to] And like as 1664; And, like as 1668