Of Contracting and Dilating, Whereby Vacuum Must Needs Follow

Contracting and dilating of each part:
These are1 the chiefest works2 of Motion’s art.
But3 Motion can’t dilate nor yet contract
A body which is close, firm, and4 compact,
Unless at first an empty place be5 found,                            5
Wherein to6 spread those compact bodies round.
Neither can matter fluid contract so7 close,
But by contracting it some place must lose.

  1. These are] It is 1653
  2. works] worke 1653
  3. But] Yet 1653
  4. is close, firm, and] at first is close 1653; is clear, firm, and 1664. In the 1664 Errata list, “clear” is corrected to “close”; this correction is carried forward into 1668.
  5. be] was 1653
  6. Wherein to] To 1653
  7. Neither can matter fluid contract so] Nor fluid matter can contract up 1653