A Masquer Dressed by Vanity


The2 perfumed powder in’s long curls of hair
Were like3 lime-twigs to catch a maid that’s fair.
His glist’ring suit, which every seam Pride laced,4
Was5 made a bawd for to corrupt the chaste.
A cut-work band, which vanity had wrought,                      5
The6 price by which his mistress’s7 love was bought;8
Silk stockings, garters, roses, all of gold,
Were9 bribes by which his mistress’s love did10 hold.
His11 several colored ribbons he did wear,12
Were pages, which to her did letters bear.13                         10
Feathers, like sails, did14 wave with every wind,
Yet by these15 sails he finds his mistress kind.
His flatt’ring16 tongue persuades17 a simple maid
That18 all is truth, when all is19 false he said.

  1. A Masquer Dressed by Vanity] A Masquer drest by Vanity, spoke the Epilogue; his Dresse. 1653
  2. The] His 1653
  3. Were like] He made 1653
  4. which every seam Pride laced,] whose Seams by Pride were Lac’d, 1664; whose Seams, by Pride, were Lac’d, 1668
  5. Was] Is 1653
  6. The] A 1653
  7. mistress’s] Mistresse 1653
  8. bought;] brought. 1653
  9. Were] Are 1653
  10. mistress’s love did] Mistresse Love doth 1653
  11. His] The 1664, 1668
  12. he did wear,] which he weares, 1653
  13. Were pages, which to her did letters bear.] As Pages to his Mistresse Letters beares. 1653
  14. did] which 1653
  15. these] those 1653
  16. flatt’ring] Flattering 1653
  17. persuades] deludes 1653
  18. That] Perswades her 1653
  19. all is] all’s 1653