The Trisection


Cut the line of Wisdom into three parts: Prudence, Experience, and Judgment. Then draw a line of Discretion equal to the line of Experience, and a line of Industry equal to the line of Prudence, and a line of Temperance equal to the line of Judgment; and to Temperance an equal line of Tranquility, and to the line Industry a line of Ingenuity, and to the line of Discretion draw an equal line of Obedience. Then all these lines measured with the rule of Reason, you’ll find them2 equal to the line of Wisdom. Join these lines3 together, and let Truth make4 the angle. This is the Trisection. 5

  1. In all of the editions, this poem is called “The Trasection”
  2. you’ll find them] and you’l finde it 1653
  3. these lines] them 1664, 1668
  4. and let Truth make] Truth makes 1653
  5. Trisection] Trasection 1653, 1664, 1668