The Bride


A crown of jewels on her head was2 put,
And every jewel like a planet cut;
The diamond, carbuncle, and sapphire,3
Ruby,4 topaz, and emerald was there.5
Her6 face was like the sun, which7 shinèd bright,                    5
And all those jewels from her face took light.
A chain of gold was linked by destiny,8
And9 in each link10 a good effect did lie,11
And as the zodiac round the world doth bind,
So did this12 chain about her body wind.                                   10
Silver cloth for her13 gown the Fates did spin,
And14 every thread was twisted hard therein.
Her hair in curls hung loose, by Cupid blown,15
Between which16 curls her shoulders white were shown,17
Youth strewed green rushes to the temple gate,                       15
In Beauty’s chariot she rid in great18 state.
With19 great applause her charioteer drove on,
Eyes of delight, as lackies, run along.20
Then21 to the altar this fair bride was led
By blushing Modesty, in crimson red,                                         20
And Innocency,22 dressed in lily white;
Hymen did bear the torch, which23 burned bright.
Her train was carried by the24 Graces three,
As lovely Hope, Good25 Faith, and Charity.

  1. The Bride] The Bride’s Dress. 1664; The Bride’s Dress. 1668. A marginal note in Cavendish’s 1653 text reads, “5 Masquer.” This note does not appear in the 1664 or 1668 editions.
  2. A crown of jewels on her head was] Upon her Head a Crowne of Jewels 1653
  3. sapphire,] Ruby Red, 1653
  4. Ruby,] The Saphir, 1653
  5. emerald was there.] Green Emerald. 1653
  6. Her] His 1653
  7. which] that 1653
  8. was linked by destiny,] the Destinies had linckt, 1653
  9. And] Where 1664; Where, 1668
  10. in each link] every Link 1653
  11. did lie,] had in’t. 1653
  12. did this] doth the 1653
  13. Silver cloth for her] A Cloath of Silver 1653
  14. And] Where 1653
  15. by Cupid blown,] which Cupid blowes, 1653
  16. Between which] Betwixt those 1653
  17. were shown,] he shewes. 1653
  18. in great] on in 1653
  19. With] Which 1664
  20. run along.] by did Run: 1664; by did run. 1668
  21. Then] And 1653
  22. Innocency,] Innocence 1653
  23. Hymen did bear the torch, which] And Hymen beares the Torch that 1653
  24. by the] up by 1653
  25. Good] and 1653