Of Riches or Covetousness

What will not riches in abundance do,
And1 make the mind of man submit unto?
They bribe2 out virtue from her strongest hold,
And make3 the coward valorous and bold.
They corrupt4 chastity, melt5 thoughts of ice,               5
And bashful modesty they do6 entice.
They make7 the humble, proud, and meek to swell,
Destroy8 all loyalty, make9 hearts rebel.
They do10 untie the knots of friendship fast;
All natural11 affections forth they12 cast.                       10
They cut th’innocent’s throat, and13 hearts divide,
Buy conscience out, and every14 cause decide.
They make that man doth venture life and health,15
So much desired and dear to him is wealth.16
They buy out Heav’n, and do cast17 souls to Hell,        15
For man to get this muck18 his God will sell.

  1. And] Or 1653
  2. They bribe] It bribes 1653
  3. And make] It makes 1653
  4. They corrupt] It corrupts 1653
  5. melt] meltes 1653
  6. they do] it doth 1653
  7. They make] It makes 1653
  8. Destroy] Destroies 1653
  9. make] makes 1653
  10. They do] It doth 1653
  11. All natural] Naturall 1653
  12. forth they] away to 1653
  13. They cut th’innocent’s throat, and] It cuts th’ Innocents Throat, and 1653; They Kill the Innocent, do 1664, 1668
  14. Buy conscience out, and every] It buyes out Conscience, doth each 1653
  15. They make that man doth venture life and health,] It makes Man venture Life, and Limb, 1653
  16. desired and dear to him is wealth.] is Wealth desir’d by him. 1653
  17. They buy out Heav’n, and do cast] It buies out Heaven, and casts 1653
  18. muck] Dross, 1664, 1668