A War betwixt Atoms


Some factious atoms ’mongst themselves2 combine,
And3 strive some formed body to unjoin.4
Round atoms do beat out5 the sharp; the long
With flat atoms do fight:6 thus all go wrong.
Those which make Motion general in their war      5
By his directions, they much7 stronger are.

  1. In 1653 this poem is called “A War with Atomes”
  2. ’mongst themselves] will agree, 1653
  3. And] They 1653
  4. unjoin.] disjoyn; 1664; disjoin: 1668
  5. Round atoms do beat out] The Round beate out 1653
  6. With flat atoms do fight:] The Flat do fight withall, 1653
  7. directions, they much] direction they much 1653; Directions much 1664, 1668