Another to the Same Purpose

And others did,2 upon the same account,
Doubling the cube, to a great number3 mount.
But some the triangles did4 cut so small,
’Till into equal atoms they did fall.5
For such is man’s curiosity and mind,                   5
To seek for that which hardest is to find.

  1. NOTE: In 1653 this is a separate 6-line poem; in 1664 and 1668, these 6 lines are tacked onto the end of the precedent poem, “The Circle of the Brain Squared”.
  2. And others did,] And thus 1653
  3. to a great number] must 1653
  4. But some the triangles did] And the Triangular must be 1653
  5. they did fall.] it must fall. 1653