Comparing of Wits to Wines


Malaga wits, when broached, which pens do2 pierce,
If strong, run straight into heroic verse.
Sharp claret satyr,3 searching, runs4 about
The veins of vice, before it passes out,
And makes the blood of virtue fresh to spring                   5
In noble minds; fair truths complexions bring.
But all high fancy is in brandy wits;5
A fiery heat in understanding sits.

  1. Comparing of Wits to Wines] Nature’s Wines. 1664, 1668. The title in 1664 and 1668 exists as a marginal note in Cavendish’s 1653 text.
  2. Malaga wits, when broached, which pens do] Malago Wits, which Pens do broach or 1664; Malago-Wits, which pens do broach or 1668
  3. satyr,] Satyrs 1653
  4. runs] run 1653
  5. A marginal note in Cavendish’s text reads, “Strong-waters.”