A Simple Natural Opinion of the Mind

Nature a talent gives to every one,
As Heav’n1 gives grace to work salvation.2
This talent given is3 a noble mind,
Where actions good are minted current coin,4
On which each virtue stamps its5 image so,                         5
That all the world each several piece may know.
If man6 be lazy, let this talent lie,
Seek no occasion to improve it by,
Who knows, but Nature’s punishment may be
To make his7 mind to grieve eternally?                                 10
That when his spirit’s fled and body rot,
He knows8 himself of friends and world9 forgot.
But when he hath used all his10 industry,
Yet cannot get a fame to live thereby;
Then may his mind rest fully satisfied11                                15
That he hath12 left no means or ways untried.

  1. Heav’n] Heaven 1653
  2. salvation.] Salvation from. 1653
  3. This talent given is] The Talent Nature gives 1653; The Talent Nature gives, ’s 1664
  4. are minted current coin,] a Current Coyn you find, 1664; a Current Coyn you find; 1668
  5. On which each virtue stamps its] Where every Virtue stamps their 1653
  6. man] Men 1653
  7. his] the 1653
  8. He knows] To know; 1653; He know 1664, 1668
  9. world] World’s 1653
  10. But when he hath used all his] If men have used their best 1653
  11. his mind rest fully satisfied] the Minds of Men rest satisfied, 1653
  12. he hath] they had 1653