A Fire is in the Center of the Earth.

As heat about the heart always2 keeps nigh,
So doth a fire about the3 center lie.
This heat disperses4 through the body round,
And when that heat is not,5 no life is found.
So this heat6 makes all things to bud7 and bear,                  5
Although the sun’s hot beams do ne’er come there.
Yet doth the sun nourish all things8 without,
Though9 fire within the Earth gives life, no doubt.
Thus10 heat within begets with child the Earth,
And heat without is midwife to her birth.                           10

  1. In 1653 this poem is called “A Fire in the Center”
  2. always] always 1668
  3. about the] near the Earth’s 1664, 1668
  4. This heat disperses] And as that Heat is 1664, 1668
  5. And when that heat is not,] Dispersed, but when gone, 1664; Dispersed; but when gone, 1668
  6. So this heat] Which 1653
  7. to bud] she sends, to bud, 1653
  8. Yet doth the sun nourish all things] But yet the Sun doth nourish all 1653
  9. Though] But 1653
  10. Thus] So 1653