A Bisk for Nature’s Table

A forehead which is high,1 broad, smooth, and sleek;2
A large great eye that’s black3 and very quick;
A brow that’s arched, or like a bow that’s4 bent;
A rosy cheek, and in the midst a dent;
Two cherry lips, whereon the dew lies wet;                         5
A nose between the eyes that’s even set;
A chin that’s neither short nor very long;
A sharp, and quick, and ready pleasing tongue;
A breath of musk and amber; breasts which silk5
In softness do resembl’in whiteness milk;6                          10
A body plump, white, of an even growth,
That’s active, lively, quick, and7 void of sloth;
A heart that’s firm and sound;8 a liver good;
A speech that’s plain and eas’ly9 understood;
A hand that’s fat, and smooth,10 and very white,                15
The11 inside moist, and red like rubies bright;
A brawny arm; a wrist that’s round and small;
And fingers long, and joints not big withal;
A stomach strong and easy to digest;
A swan-like neck; and an out-bearing chest.                        20
All these when mixed12 with pleasure and delight,
And strewed upon with eyes most13 quick of sight,
Are put into14 a dish of admiration,
And so served15 up with praises of a nation.

  1. which is high,] high, 1653
  2. sleek;] very sleek, 1653
  3. that’s black] black, 1653
  4. that’s arched, or like a bow that’s] which Arch’d, or like a Bow is 1664, 1668
  5. breasts which silk] in do strew, 1653
  6. In softness do resembl’in whiteness milk;] Two soft round Breasts, that are as white as Snow. 1653; In softness do resemble; in Whiteness, Milk. 1668
  7. That’s active, lively, quick, and] Quick, active lives, that’s 1653
  8. heart that’s firm and sound;] sound firm Heart, 1653
  9. eas’ly] easie 1653, 1664
  10. and smooth,] smooth, 1653
  11. The] Whose 1664, 1668
  12. All these when mixed] These mixing all 1653
  13. strewed upon with eyes most] strew upon them Eyes that’s 1653
  14. Are put into] Putting them in 1653
  15. so served] serves them 1653