The Temple of Honor

Honor’s brave temple’s1 built both high and wide,
Whose walls are of clear glass on every side,
Where actions of all sorts are perfect seen,
Where Truth, the2 priest, approves which worthiest3 been,
And4 on the altar of the world them lays,                                  5
And offers them with sacrificing praise,
Which offerings are so clean and without stain,56
As Honor’s godhead cannot them disdain:7
As pious tears, with thoughts most chaste and pure;
And patient minds, afflictions to endure;                                 10
Wise8 brains, which bring things9 to a good10 effect;
And helping hands, where bribes are not11 suspect;
A tongue, which truth in eloquence doth dress;
And lips, which worth praises do express;
Eyes that pry out, and spy examples good;                               15
Feet that in ways of mischief never stood;
Hair from those heads12 that shaved for holy vow,
Which as a witness, blessing gods allow;
Breasts, from whence13 proceed all good desires,
Which lock up secrets, if that need14 requires;                        20
And hearts, from whence clear springs of love do rise,
Where loyal courage in the bottom lies;
Beside here’s spleens,15 which never16 malice bore;
And shoulders, which17 distressèd burdens wore;
And humble knees, that bow18 to ruling powers;                    25
And hands of bounty, which on mis’ry19 showers;
King’s crowns, which rule20 with justice, love, and peace,
Whose power serves21 from slavery to release;
Here speculations from much22 musing grow,
Which reason’s23 proof and time’s experience show;            30
Witty inventions, which men profit bring;
Inspired24 verse, which poets to25 gods sing;
White innocence, as girdles, virgins26 wear,
That only Hymen27 from their waist doth tear;
And Hymen’s torches, which burn bright and clear,             35
Show jealousy and falsehood ne’er come28 near;
Garlands of laurel, which keep ever green,
And29 for the best of poets crowns have been;
The olive branch, which emblem is30 of peace,
Is offered there31 for the world’s good increase;                     40
Mirtle is laid for lovers that32 are true;
And for misfortunes is33 the bitter rue;
Sighs, which from deep compassion do flow out;
And faith,34 which never knew to make a doubt.
These,35 offered all with grateful hearts in ranks,                  45
Were sprinkled with the pure36 essence of thanks,
Of pen’tent tears was th’holy water made;37
Love’s flaming fire was on the altar laid.38
The priests, which all the ceremonies there39
Did execute, the four chief virtues were;40                              50
These in41 procession Honor high did raise,
And with their anthems sweetly sang42 her praise.

  1. temple’s] Temple is 1653
  2. the] as 1653
  3. worthiest] worthy’st 1653
  4. And] Who 1664, 1668
  5. and without stain,] without a speck, 1653
  6. a marginal note by line 7 reads “The Offerings.” in the 1653 edition.
  7. disdain:] reject. 1653
  8. Wise] Wise-mens 1653
  9. bring things] things bring 1664, 1668
  10. a good] good 1653
  11. And helping hands, where bribes are not] A helping hand without a bribe 1653
  12. those heads] heads, 1653
  13. whence] which do 1664, 1668
  14. Which lock up secrets, if that need] And Lock all Secrets up, if need 1664; And lock all Secrets up, if need 1668
  15. Beside here’s spleens,] Besides here’s spleen’s, 1653; With Spleens, 1664, 1668
  16. never] never any 1664, 1668
  17. which] with 1653
  18. And humble knees, that bow] An humble knee, that bows 1653
  19. mis’ry] misery 1653; Misery 1664
  20. rule] rul’d 1653
  21. serves] serv’d, 1653
  22. Here speculations from much] Deep Speculations, which from 1664, 1668
  23. Which reason’s] And Reasons 1664; And Reason’s 1668
  24. Inspired] Inspiring 1653
  25. which poets to] Poets to the 1664; Poets to the 1668
  26. girdles, virgins] Virgins Girdles 1664; Virgins Girdles 1668
  27. That only Hymen] Which Hymen only 1664, 1668
  28. come] came 1653
  29. And] Which 1653
  30. emblem is] is th’Emblem 1664, 1668
  31. Is offered there] There offer’d is 1653
  32. is laid for lovers that] for Lovers constant, which 1653
  33. And for misfortunes is] Then for Misfortunes lay 1653
  34. faith,] faiths, 1653
  35. These,] Thus 1653
  36. Were sprinkled with the pure] Whereon was sprinckled the 1653
  37. Of pen’tent tears was th’holy water made;] Brought was the fire of Love, which burnt all their 1653
  38. Love’s flaming fire was on the altar laid.] Holy-water, the penitentiall Tear: 1653
  39. all the ceremonies there] were the Cardinall Vertues foure, 1653
  40. Did execute, the four chief virtues were;] Those Ceremonies executed o’re. 1653
  41. These in] In grave 1653
  42. sweetly sang] sweet did sing 1653; sweetly Sung 1664; sweetly sung 1668