Flame Compared to the Tide of the Sea


Like as the tide, so flame doth2 ebb and flow,
For it will sink3 and then straight higher grow.
And if suppressed, it in a rage breaks4 out,
Spreading5 itself in several parts about.
Some think the salt doth make6 the sea to move,7              5
If so, then salt in flame the like may prove.
And if it be that8 salt all motions makes,
Then life, the chief, from salt its motion9 takes.

  1. In 1653 this poem is called “Comparing Flame to the Tide of the Sea”
  2. Like as the tide, so flame doth] Like watry Tides, a Flame will 1653
  3. For it will sink] By sinking downe, 1653
  4. it in a rage breaks] all in a rage breake 1653
  5. Spreading] Streaming 1653
  6. the salt doth make] Salt is the cause 1664, 1668
  7. to move,] doth move; 1664; doth move: 1668
  8. And if it be that] From that Example, 1653
  9. from salt its motion] of Motion from Salt 1653