A Lady Dressed by Youth


Her hair had curls of pleasure2 and delight,
Through which3 her skin did cast a glimm’ring4 light.
As lace, her bashful eyelids downwards hung;
A modest count’nance o’er5 her face was flung.6
Blushes, as coral beads, she strung, to wear                          5
About her neck, and pendants for each ear.
Her gown was by proportion cut and made,
With veins embroidered, with complexion laid.
Light words with ribbons of chaste thoughts she7 ties,
And loose behavior, which through errors flies.                   10
Rich jewels of bright honor she did wear,
By noble actions placed8 everywhere.
Thus dressed, to Fame’s great court straightways she went,
There danced a ball9 with Youth, Love, Mirth, Content.

  1. A marginal note in Cavendish’s 1653 text reads, “3 Masquer.” This note does not appear in the 1664 or 1668 editions.
  2. had curls of pleasure] was curles of Pleasures, 1653
  3. Through which] Which through 1653
  4. glimm’ring] glimmering 1653
  5. count’nance o’er] Countenance over 1653
  6. A marginal note in Cavendish’s text reads, “As a Veile.”
  7. she] up 1653
  8. placed] plac’d were 1653
  9. ball] Brall 1653