The Bridegroom


The bridegroom was all2 dressed by Honors fine,
And was attended by the Muses nine.
Virtue strewed flow’rs3 of dispositions sweet,
In honest ways to walk on gentle feet.
A crown of loyalty was on4 his head;                              5
Both5 Fortitude, and Justice did him lead.6
Over his7 crown a laurel Fame did8 set,
Which Fortune often strived away to get.
And many bells of several censures rung,
And all the streets were9 with inquiry hung,                10
And10 in a chariot of good deeds did ride,
And many thankful hearts run by his side.

  1. The Bridegroom] The Bridegroom’s Dress. 1664; The Bridegroom’s Dress. 1668
  2. was all] all was 1653
  3. strewed flow’rs] Flowers strew’d 1653
  4. loyalty was on] Civility upon 1653
  5. Both] And both by 1653
  6. did him lead.] lead. 1653
  7. his] this 1664, 1668
  8. did] was 1664, 1668
  9. were] was 1653
  10. And] He 1664, 1668