Rogers, Richard (1527 - 1605)

of Bryanstone, Dorset

Born / Died

Birth Date: ca. 1527
Death Date: 1605


Marriages/Other Unions

  1. Type: marriage
    Union began: n.d.
    Union ended: n.d.

Primary Title



  • Knight
    Assumed 1576-03-25
    Vacated 1605

Details of Offices

Began Ended Notes
JP, Dorset ca. 1570 n.d.
MP, Dorset 1572 n.d.
Commissioner of Musters, Dorset 1573 n.d.
Sheriff, Dorset 1573-11-10 1574-11-15
Col of Musters, Dorset 1587 1600
Sheriff, Dorset 1587-12-4 1588-11-25
Lieut, Dorset 1588 n.d.
Deputy Lieut, Dorset By 1599-8-10 n.d.
Deputy Lieut, Dorset by 1601 n.d.

Details of Properties



  • Dorset: Pimperne Manor
    Acquired: 1548-05-17

Events Naming Patron

Event Date Location Troupe
Performance 1569-1570 Plymouth (Unknown), Plymouth , Devon Mr Rogers' Bearward
Performance 1582-1583 Exeter (Unknown), Exeter , Exeter (city-county) in Devon Sir Richard Rogers' Bull-Baiter
Performance 1577-1578 Guildhall, Bath , Somerset Sir Richard Rogers' Players

Patronized Troupes

Troupe Name Patron Troupe Type # of events
Mr Rogers' Bearward Rogers, Richard (1527 - 1605) Performing Animals 1
Sir Richard Rogers' Bull-Baiter Rogers, Richard (1527 - 1605) Performing Animals 1
Sir Richard Rogers' Players Rogers, Richard (1527 - 1605) Players 1

Owned Venues

Venue Name County Venue Type
Bryanston House Dorset Private Residence

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