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Site Name: Guildhall
Location: Bath
County: Somerset
Location Type: Town - in town at determined location

Performance Spaces


The medieval guildhall is known to have existed in Boatstall Lane near the East Gate by the mid-14th c.

The hall was on the ground floor with the dais at the S end. The kitchen was located at the N end of the hall with a council chamber on the floor above beside a small armoury. By the later 16th c. the building exterior was whitewashed and the roof tiled.

Performance History

As the seat of civic government and centre for festive occasions, Bath's guildhall was probably the venue for most performances by touring entertainers before the mayor and city officials before 1625.

Current Status


History of the Venue

1355 Guildhall first mentioned in a deed.

1625 Guildhall relocated to the market house in High Street. The old hall converted for use as a shambles, its single gable dismantled and replaced by a double-gabled upper storey.

Record Source

REED Somers 1.10--26

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