Development Team


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Sally-Beth MacLean, University of Toronto     Alan Somerset, University of Western Ontario



Database Design: Sian Meikle

Web Application Programming and Configuration: Kelli Babcock, Chul Hee-Yoon,

Bilal Khalid, Ken Yang, Sean Zhao

Web Site Design:  Gordon Belray

Web Map Design: Byron Moldofsky, Mariange Beaudry,
GIS and Cartography Office, Department of Geography and Planning, University of Toronto



Jason Boyd (former Managing Editor, Patrons)

Coby Dowdell (Patrons)

John Estabillo (Venues, for Globe theatre)

John Geck (Patrons)

Janine Harper (Events, Troupes and Venues, for Staffordshire; Events, Troupes and Patrons for Berkshire)

Sally-Beth MacLean (Venues, for the cities of Bristol, Cambridge, Chester, Coventry, Newcastle upon Tyne, Norwich, Oxford and York; the counties of Cumberland, Cheshire, Cornwall, Devon, Kent: Diocese of Canterbury, Lincolnshire, Somerset, Sussex, and Westmorland, parts of Shropshire, as well as the Inns of Court (London), Bear Garden, Hope, Newington Butts and Swan theatres; historical research for the maps)

Peter O'Hagan (Patrons)

Lauren Shepherd (Venues, for London Guilds)

Alan Somerset (Venues, for the counties of Dorset, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Warwickshire, Worcestershire and parts of Shropshire))

Caitlin Thompson (Venues, for Hope, Rose theatres)

Beth Watkins (Patrons)


The following have also contributed to web development:

Carolyn Black 

Justin Blum 

Nicole Campbell 

Gian Giacomo Colli 

 Jane Davie

Rachel Holden-Jones 

John Lehr 

Noam Lior

Dave Luxton (original web design)

Dugald MacLean

Robert H. Michels

Gord Oxley

Kimberley Radmacher 

Jennifer Roberts-Smith 

Carol Robinson 

Gerald Romme

Roger Starling 

Jenn Stephenson