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Displaying 1 - 200 of 1861
Performers & Companies Type of Performer # of Events
14th Foot Regiment Dramatic 2
20th Regiment Amateurs Dramatic 0
24th Regiment Dramatic 2
46 Regiment Amateurs Dramatic 0
47th Regiment Amateurs Dramatic 0
54th Regiment Amateurs Dramatic 0
62nd Regiment Amateurs Dramatic 0
71st Highland Light Infantry 2
79th Cameron Highlanders Dramatic 1
79th Highlanders Dramatic 1
79th Regiment Dramatic 2
7th Regiment Minstrels (local) Minstrel 1
9th Regiment 0
A Civilian Company under the Management of Mr William McMillan 0
A group of NYC actors who attempted to initiate resident companies Dramatic 0
A Panorama of the Lower Mississippi and Nubian Minstrels Entertainers/Minstrels 0
A second stock company headed by Canadian Beryl Hope Other 0
A Troupe of Arab tumblers Acrobats/Physical Feats 0
A. H. Wilson Unknown 0
A. Percy Fullerton, magician; The Ruby Sisters, a dancing act; Miss Agnes Earle, an Irish comedian (see notes) Variety 0
A.M. McKinney Dramatic 1
Aanchonetti Sisters, singers and dancers; the Rixfords, two athletes; Cook and Sonora; Stuart, the Patti. Variety 0
Abbey Theatre Players (from Dublin) Dramatic 1
Abbey's Dramatic 1
Abbey's Double Mammoth Uncle Tom's cabin Co Dramatic 2
Aborn Opera Company Opera 1
Ada Gray Dramatic 0
Adam's Company Dramatic 1
Adelaide Neilson and Edward Cotton Dramatic 1
Adele Blood Dramatic 0
Adele Cornalba (under supervision of Bartley Campbell) Dramatic 0
Agoust Family and Paul Conchas Acrobats/Physical Feats 0
Aiden Benedict Dramatic 1
Al H Wilson Dramatic 2
Al Jolson with Adelaide and Hughes Variety 1
Al Jolson, Albert Chevalier, tramp comedian Nat Wills and Irish storyteller, Frank Fogarty Mixed 0
Al Jolson, etc … see notes. Variety 0
Al. W. Martin's Minstrel 1
Albert Brown and Company Dramatic 1
Albert Chevalier Dramatic 2
Albert Chevalier and French singer Yvette Guilbert Concert 1
Albert Chevalier, singer and Lulian Eltinge, female impersonator Vocal Performance 0
Albert Phillips and Leila Shaw Dramatic 0
Alderman Gray Circus 0
Alex. Robinson & Co.'s Great Show Circus 0
Alexander Loftus and His English Co Dramatic 1
Alice Campbell Dramatic 1
Alice Lloyd Dance 0
Alice Lorette with her white setter, Ben and Dorsch and Russell, the musical railroaders. Mixed 0
Alice Lyndon Doll Dramatic 1
Alvin Joslin Comedy Company Dramatic 1
Amateur Musicians (Hamilton 61) Band 0
Amateur Oratorio Troupe (Hamilton 1863) Vocal Performance 1
Amateur School Theatricals Dramatic 1
Amateur Theatrical Club of the 60th Dramatic 1
Amateur Theatrical Club of the Royal Canadian Rifles Dramatic 0
Amateur Theatrical Society Dramatic 24
Amateur Theatrical Society of Hamilton Dramatic 1
Amateurs of the Dockyard Dramatic 1
Amelia Summerville Dramatic 0
American Menagerie Exhibition 1
Amy Lee Opera Co Opera 1
Anchor Band Band 1
Anderson, the Great Wizard of the North Magician 5
Anglin Dramatic 1
Anna Eva Fay Other 1
Anne Blancke (formerly of the Valentine Stock Company) Dramatic 0
Annette Kellerman Acrobats/Physical Feats 0
Annie Abbott, "The Little Georgia Magnet" Other 0
Annie Irish Dramatic 0
Anthony and Ellis Mammoth Uncle Tom`s Cabin Co Dramatic 1
Anthony and Ellis' Ideal Uncle Tom's Cabin Dramatic 1
Anthony and Ellis`s Uncle Tom`s Cabin Co Dramatic 1
Arnold Daly and Grace Van Studdiford Unknown 0
Arthur Rehan's Combination Dramatic 2
Arthur Rehan's Company Dramatic 1
Arthur Rehan's Superb Company Dramatic 1
Artillery Band (Hamilton 1861) Band 0
Artists' Association Opera Company Opera 1
Association's Menagerie Exhibition 1
Atkinson's Comedy Company Other 1
Augusta Close(or Glose?), the Six Musical Cutty's, The Empire Quartet, The Charles Ahern Troupe of xcomedy cyclists (see notes for more) Variety 0
Augustine Pitou Opera 0
Augustine Pitou, a former leading man in Mrs. Morrison's company Dramatic 0
Ayer's Coloured Comedy Co. Minstrel 1
B.F. Forbes Comedy Co Other 0
B.M.E. Church Bible Class (St. Catharines 15) Vocal Performance 1
B.M.E. Church Choir Vocal Performance 0
B.M.E. Church Jubilee Troupe (St. Catharines 15) Vocal Performance 1
B.M.E. Concert Quartet (St. Catharines 15) Vocal Performance 1
B.M.E. Sunday School Pupils (1914) Vocal Performance 1
Bain, Rev. Lecture 1
Baird's Company Dramatic 1
Baird's Dramatic Company Dramatic 1
Baird's Dramatic Company Starring Major Rhinehart Dramatic 1
Baker and Farron Dramatic 3
Baker and Farron Other 2
Baldwin Stock Co Dramatic 1
Ball Troupe (St. Lawrence, 1860) Band 1
Ball, Mr. & Mrs. R.C. Vocal Performance 1
Band of Coloured Performers Band 1
Band of the 15th Regiment Band 1
Band of the 68th Regiment, The Band 1
Band of the 71st Regiment Band 14
Band of the 81st Regiment Band 7
Band of the 82nd Regiment Band 3
Band of the 83rd Regiment Band 1
Band of the Mechanical Department of the Great... Band 1
Band of the Royal Canadian Rifles Band 15
Bandmann Beaudet Dramatic 1
Barber, Master Dramatic 1
Barber, Mrs. Vocal Performance 1
Barlow, Wilson, Primrose and West's Mamoth Minstrels Minstrel 1
Barry Vocal Performance 1
Barry and Fay Dramatic 1
Bass, Mrs. Band 1
Battery Minstrels Entertainers / Minstrels 1
Batty's Bears, Gillette's dogs and monkeys and Little Hip the elephant Performing Animals 0
Bayes and Norwood Unknown 0
Bea Lille Dramatic 1
Beatrice Lillie Dramatic 2
Beaver's Band Band 1
Beckett, Charles Band 3
Bell, Georgina Vocal Performance 2
Bell, Irene Vocal Performance 2
Bell, Lewis Dramatic 1
Bell, Miss R. Vocal Performance 1
Ben Greet Dramatic 1
Ben Greet Players Dramatic 0
Benj. McGinley Dramatic 2
Bert Williams Minstrel 0
Berte Coote and Julia Kingsley Dramatic 0
Bertha Kalich Dramatic 1
Bertha Kalich and Mrs. Fiske Unknown 0
Best, Mr. Joseph Dance 1
Billy Gaaston and Isabell D'Armond Dramatic 0
Bishop, Madame Anna Vocal Performance 0
Black Vocal Performance 1
Black Hawk Performing Animals 1
Blackburn Band 0
Blaisdell Brothers, The - Swiss Bell Ringers Band 0
Blanchard's Circus Circus 1
Blanche Bates Dramatic 0
Blitz, Jerome Magician 1
Bloomfield Chapel Social (Trafalgar 68) Band 1
Bobby Pandur Other 0
Bohemian Burlesquers Variety 0
Bonstelle Players with Edward H. Robbins and Kathleen MacDonald as stars Dramatic 0
Boston Arena Company Circus 1
Boston Globe Theatre Co Dramatic 1
Boston Ideal Uncle Tom`s Cabin Company Dramatic 0
Boston Star Company Dramatic 1
Bouxary, Madame Dance 140
Bouxary, Monsieur Dance 23
Boyd, J.A. Debate 0
Boyer-Vincent Stock Co Dramatic 1
Boyle Stock Company Dramatic 0
Boyne School Exhibition (68) Dramatic 1
Bradford, Madame Bobee & Troupe Vocal Performance 1
Brampton Church Choir (68) Vocal Performance 1
Bridgman, Rev. G.H. Lecture 1
Britannia Stock Co Dramatic 1
Brown's Minstrel Troupe Minstrel 1
Brown, Andrew Dramatic 0
Browne, Mr. H. Concert 1
Brownridge’s Sociale Troupe (Esquesing 1865) Supper/Festival 1
Bryant, Isabella Dramatic 2
Buckley's Serenaders & Burlesque Opera Troupe Minstrel 1
Buckner Acrobats/Physical Feats 0
Buffalo Bill and a troupe of Cheyenne Indian Chiefs Dramatic 1
Bunth, Rudd and Co. Dramatic 0
Burgess & Redmond Minstrel Troupe Minstrel 1
Burgess, Cool Entertainers / Minstrels 1
Burns Festival Vocalists (Toronto, 1860) Vocal Performance 0
Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin Dramatic 0
Buster Keaton and his family Dramatic 0
Butchers & Market Gardeners (Hamilton 61) Picnic 0
C H Smith's Boston Double |Uncle Tom's Cabin Co Dramatic 1
C Miln & Miss Louise Jordan Dramatic 1
C. Sherwood 0
C.B. Mulholland Dramatic 0
C.H. Moorhouse 4
C.L. Stickney 0
Callahan and Mack, both comedians Dramatic 0
Callender's Original Georgia Minstrels Minstrel 1
Cameron Matthews and Vaughan Glaser Dramatic 0
Cameron Matthews Players Dramatic 1
Camille D'Arville, Pauline Hall, Vernona Jarbeau, Marie Tavery and many others equally famous in opera and drama. Dramatic 0
Campbell A.M.E. Church Choir Vocal Performance 1
Campbell and Burgess Minstrel Troupe Entertainers / Minstrels 0
Campbellville Elocution Class (68) Dramatic 1
Canadian Institute (Toronto, 1860) Lecture 0
Canadian Minstrels Minstrel 1
Canadian Players (Cameron Matthews) Dramatic 0
Cane, Fred Vocal Performance 1
Captain Horton Rhys 0
Carmichael, McRae & Rattmy (Pipers) Band 0
Carrie De Mar and Mille. Camille Ober Mixed 0
Carter, Mr. Concert 1
Cartoonists Bud Fisher (Mutt and Jeff) and Winsor McCay (Gertie the Dinosaur) Other 0