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Performers & Companies Type of Performer # of Events
Irene Franklin, Mable Berra, Alice Lloyd, Trixi Friganza, Fanny Brice and Grace LaRue Dramatic 0
Irvine Lecture 0
Irving Berlin and the comedy team of Weber and Fields Variety 0
Isaacs Menken, Adah Dramatic 0
Israel Lewis Lecture 1
Italian Ballet Company Dance 2
J C Duff Comic Opera Company Opera 1
J K Emmet Dramatic 1
J. Kendall Dance 16
J.B. Lent's travelling show Performing Animals 0
J.J. Nathan's American Circus Circus 0
J.M. Nixon's Great American Circus Circus 0
Jack Downing Exhibition 1
Jack Norworth, a monolinguist Dramatic 0
Jack Norworth, Elsie Janis and Louise Dresser Variety 0
Jackson, Mrs. W.H. Vocal Performance 1
James B. Carson, Stewart Jackson, Ted Morgan and Eleanor Sutler Dramatic 1
James J. Corbett and Joe Welch Dramatic 0
James K. Hackett Dramatic 0
James O'Neill Dramatic 0
Jamison, Mr. G.W. Dramatic 10
Janauschek (tragic artist) Dramatic 1
Jane Hasting Players Dramatic 2
Jane Seymour and Co Dramatic 1
Jean Adair Dramatic 1
Jean Ravel Circus 1
Jeffries, M. Vocal Performance 1
Jeffries, Miss Lenis Vocal Performance 1
Jenny Lind Dramatic 0
Jerry Shea (6th season w/ Jessie Millward) Dramatic 1
Jessie Millward Dramatic 0
Jim McIntyre and Tom Heath Dramatic 1
Joe Darcey Minstrel 0
Joe E Machan Associate Players Dramatic 3
Joe Laurie Jr. Dance 0
Joe Pentland 0
Joe Walsh, a hebrew comedian Other 0
John Barrymore appeared with Constance Collier Dramatic 3
John Drew, George Arliss, Annie Russell, William H. Crane, Douglas Fairbanks, F. R. Benson, Margaret Anglin and John Martin-Harvey Dramatic 0
John Gielgud Dramatic 1
John Grimaldi Wells 1
John Holden and The Actors' Colony Theatre Dramatic 0
John Holden Company Dramatic 0
John Jack and Annie Firmin Dramatic 1
John Kornell Other 0
John Nickerson took over the Royal Lyceum Dramatic 0
John T Fay (psychic) Other 0
John T Fay and his wife Anna Other 1
John T hunds, Miss Ivian Lawerence, Supported by the Waterman Comedy Co Dramatic 1
John Townsend's Company and the "corps dramatique" Dramatic 0
John Vernon 0
Johnson's Company 0
Johnson, Mrs. Gordon Vocal Performance 1
Johnson, Robert Vocal Performance 1
Johnston Forbes-Robertson Dramatic 0
Johnston Forbes-Robertson and Gertrude Elliott; Robert Mantell, Viola Allen, EllenTerry and H. B. Irving and Dorothea Baird Unknown 0
Johnston Forbes-Robertson, Sir Charles Wyndham, DeWolf Hopper, E.S. Willard, Viola Allen and Mrs. Ppatrick Campbell Dramatic 0
Jones and Robinson's Merrymakers Other 0
Joseph Dowling & Miss Sadie Hasson Dramatic 1
Joseph Hart Dramatic 1
Joseph Murphey and Muss ary Ladouski Dramatic 1
Joseph Murphy (Irish vocalist and comedian) & Miss Belle Mellville Variety 1
Joseph Murphy (Irish vocalist and comedian) & Miss Stella Teuton Vocal Performance 1
Joseph Murphy's Combination Dramatic 1
Joseph Murray Troupe Dramatic 0
Joseph, Frank J. Dramatic 1
Joseph, Mr. Dramatic 0
Julia Arthur Dramatic 5
Julia Stuart, Frederick Ward and James O'Neill Dramatic 0
Julian Eltinge, "the most popular and celebrated female impersonator in American history Dramatic 0
July 4th Festival Troupe (Hamilton, 1863) Supper/Festival 1
Kara and Rapoli, jugglers Acrobats/Physical Feats 0
Karn Musical Entertainers Band 0
Kate Girard and her Company of Metropolitan Artists Dramatic 1
Kate Horn Dramatic 3
Kate Hunter 3
Katherine Cornell Dramatic 1
Katie Rooney (singing Irish songs), George Blakely ("coon" act) Schrode Brothers (acrobats) … see notes Variety 1
Kelly and Ashby, eccentric actobatic comedians; Henri French, comedy juggler and bicyclist Variety 0
Kemp's Mammoth Circus Circus 0
Kemp's Mammoth English Circus Circus 0
Kemp, Miss Concert 1
Kennedy, Captain Lecture 0
Kennedy, Mr. & Mrs. Vocal Performance 1
Kenworthy Variety 0
Kimball, Mr. Lecture 0
King's Olympic Circus Circus 4
Kingsmill, George R. Lecture 1
Kingston Amateur Dramatic Co Dramatic 3
Kingston Amateur Theatre Dramatic 0
Kingston Circus Circus 1
Kingston Dramatic Amateurs Dramatic 5
Kingston Dramatic Club Dramatic 0
Kingston Gentlemen Amateurs Dramatic 0
Kingston Histrionic Society Dramatic 1
Kingston Philharmonic Society Musicians 1
Kneas, Mons. and Madame 0
Knox's Church (Hamilton 61) Supper/Festival 0
Kroemer's Star Specialty Co Dramatic 1
Kyrle Bellow, E. S. Willard and Mrs. Patrick Campbell Unknown 0
L.B. Lent's Leviathon Universal; Living Exposition Performing Animals 1
La Loie Fuller Dance 0
La Pia and Adelaine Genee Unknown 0
Laddie Cliff Unknown 0
Ladies Auxillary (North Buxton 15) Vocal Performance 1
Ladies Know Ye Not Sewing Club (Hamilton 14-15) Supper/Festival 2
Lady Dufferin Dramatic 2
Lalor Vocal Performance 1
Langworthy's Corps of Performing Dogs & Monkeys Circus 4
Laurence Irving and Mabel Hackney Dramatic 7
Laurent`s New York Fifth Avenue Co Dramatic 1
Lawerence Barrett Dramatic 1
Lawson, Mrs. Vocal Performance 1
Lent's National Circus Circus 4
Leon Grover Comedy Co. (Starring Leonard Grover and Harry Little) Dramatic 1
Leonard Players Dramatic 1
Levi North Circus 2
Lew Hawkings, minstrel Minstrel 0
Lewis, Mr. I. Band 1
Lillian Burkhart Dramatic 0
Lillian Burkhart and Mr. and Mrs. Author Sidman Dramatic 0
Lillian Lewis and Ester Lyon Dramatic 1
Lillie Langtry, Trixi Friganza, Arnold Daly and Grace Van Studdiford Mixed 0
Lilliptuian Opera Co (starring Miss Jennie Quigley, Col Orr, Admiral Dot) Dramatic 1
Lilliptuian Opera Co (starring Miss Jennie Quigley, Miss Sarah Betton, Miss Ella Kirkland, Admiral Dot, General Totman, Prince Louis and Major Houghton) Dramatic 1
Lilly Langtry Dramatic 0
Lily Clay's Colossal Gaiety Company Visual Art 1
Limestone Valley School Sociale Supper/Festival 1
Little Victoria North Circus 1
Little's Reunion Troupe (Milton 68) Supper/Festival 1
Litton, Letabiere J. Lecture 0
Lizzie Evan's Dramatic Troupe Dramatic 1
Lizzie Evans (Comedienne) Dramatic 1
Local (Kingston) Gentlemen Amateurs Dramatic 1
Local Amateurs: Choral Society of Collegiate Institute Opera 1
Local Amateurs; under auspices of Christian Bros School; ex-pupals and Telgmann Family Orchestra Musicians 1
Logie Vocal Performance 1
Lotta Dramatic 0
Lottie Brandon Acrobats/Physical Feats 0
Lottie Gilson Concert 0
Louis Aldrich and Chas T Parsloe Dramatic 1
Louis Ravel Circus 1
Loyal Orange Lodge No. 166 Supper/Festival 2
Loyal Orange Lodge No. 440 Supper/Festival 1
Lyric Musical Comedy Company Dramatic 1
Lyric Theatre Guild Players Dramatic 1
M B Leavitt`s Gigantean Minstrels Minstrel 2
M'lle Rhea, Edward Ball Dramatic 1
M. Gustave Krollman Musicians 0
M. Schmidt Dance 2
Mabel McKinley Concert 0
Mac Farland 0
MacDougall, W. Lecture 0
MacKay-Kemble Stock Co Dramatic 1
Madame Archer 1
Madame Marie Macarte Circus 1
Madame Mary Shaw Fogg Vocal Performance 0
Madame Olinza Circus 5
Madame Otto Musicians 1
Madame Sarah Bernhardt Concert 0
Madame Virginia Sherwood 1
Mademoiselle Caroline Sherwood 1
Mademoiselle Louise Circus 0
Mademoiselle Marie 1
Mademoiselle Randolph 1
Mademoiselle Therese Dance 2
Madison Sq Combination Dramatic 1
Madison Sq Theatre Co Dramatic 1
Madison Square Garden Theatre Company Dramatic 1
Mae Edwards Players Dramatic 0
Maffit and Bartholomew Dramatic 1
Maggie Cline Concert 1
Major Galbraith 1
Major McArevey's New York Brass Band Band 0
Malcolm Fassett Players 1
Mammoth Circus Circus 1
Manfish Albert Acrobats/Physical Feats 0
Manning, W. Entertainers / Minstrels 0
Marble & Clark's Minstrels 0
Marcella Sembrich Concert 0
Margaret Anglin Dramatic 3
Margaret Anglin (w/ allstar cast; Charles Corburn, William Faversham, Jacob Ben Ami, Rollo Peters, Cecilia Loftus, Tyrone Power Sr. Dramatic 1
Margaret Cameron and her company Debate 1
Marguerite St. John and her London Comedy Company Other 1
Marie Cahill and Frank Daniels Unknown 0
Marie Dressler Concert 2
Marie Dressler, Emma Carus, Grace Van Studdiford, Bertha Kalish and Rose Stahl Vocal Performance 0
Marie Gladke Players Dramatic 1
Marie Wainwright Unknown 0
Marinetti Family, The Other 2
Maritine Brothers Acrobats/Physical Feats 1
Marjorie Foster Dramatic 1
Markham Brass Band Band 0
Marks Brothers companies Dramatic 0
Marling, Rev. Mr. Lecture 0
Marlowe Dramatic 3
Marlowe, Mrs. Dramatic 4
Marsh, Miss E.A. Vocal Performance 1
Marshall's London Comedy and Burlesque Co. Variety 19
Marshall, Miss Tyne Vocal Performance 1