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Performers & Companies Type of Performer # of Events
T. Pope Bernard Dramatic 1
Tarrant, Corporal T.A. Dramatic 7
Tavernier Dramatic Co (Starring Ida Van Courtland) Dramatic 1
Tavernier Dramatic Co (Starring Little Annie Baird) Dramatic 1
Tayleure`s Celebrated Co (Starring Henrietta Chanfrau) Dramatic 1
Taylor Holmes Dramatic 1
Taylor, Bayard Lecture 0
Temple Stock Company Dramatic 2
Templeton Mr Concert 0
Templeton Opera Company Opera 1
Teresina Carlotta (Ballerina) Dramatic 1
Thatcher, Primrose & West`s Minstrel Combination Minstrel 1
Thayer & Noyes' Great Circus & Menagerie Circus 2
The Eliza Weathersby Co (Starring Nat C Goodwin jr) Dramatic 0
The 20th Regiment Amateurs Dramatic 0
The Abbey Theatre Irish Players of Dublin Minstrel 0
The Aiken Combination (Starring Albert W Aiken ad Miss Mat Eliot) Dramatic 1
The American Marriage Co Dramatic 1
The Arabian Night Combination (Starring Edwin P Thorne and Miss Charlotta Evelyn) Dramatic 1
The Aubrey Stock Company Dramatic 0
The B Battery Dramatic Club Dramatic 1
The Baldwin Family Dramatic 3
The Baldwin Melville Stock Company Variety 1
The Bartley Campbell`s Galley Slave Co Dramatic 0
The Beaux and Belles Octette and the Colby Family Acrobats/Physical Feats 0
The Belleville Histrionic Assosication Dramatic 1
The Bric-a-Brac Combination (Starring Mr Bassett) Dramatic 1
The City Girls including Truly Shattuck Dramatic 0
The Dainty Dashing Polly Girls Dramatic 0
The Darktown Swelles Burlesque and Specialty Company Other 0
The Dominion Stock Company Dramatic 1
The Dumbells Dramatic 0
The English Repertory Theatre Dramatic 1
The Ethiopian Harmonista Minstrel 0
The Five Olympians Acrobats/Physical Feats 0
The Four Lukena Acrobats/Physical Feats 0
The Four Mortons, Musical Blacksmiths Staley and Berbeck, James J. Corbett, Frank Bush and Anna Blanke Variety 0
The Genevieve Ward Co Dramatic 1
The Great Fulgora (a transfigurator) Dramatic 1
The Hamilton Minstrels (Amateur) Minstrel 1
The Harry Lindley Comedy CO Dramatic 1
The Harry Lindley Dramatic Troupe Dramatic 1
The Hattie Anderson Comedy Company Other 1
The Heron Family 3
The Hill Family Dramatic 0
The Hill Family & The 20th Regent Amateurs 0
The Hill Family (with Operatic Soirees) Dramatic 0
The Holman English Opera Co. (Starring Miss Sallie Holman) Opera 0
The Holman Opera Company Opera 0
The Holman Opera Company (w/ T.C. King) Opera 1
The Imperial Opera Company Opera 0
The Imperial Players (w/ Mary Bgden and John Driscol) Dramatic 1
The Industrious Fleas Exhibition 1
The Irish Players from the Abbey Theatre Dramatic 1
The Jolly Pathfinders Other 1
The Joseph Murphy Combination Other 1
The Legrand Co Dramatic 1
The London princess St. Theatre Company (Starring Wilson Barrett & Miss Eastlake) Dramatic 1
The Lottie Combination Dramatic 1
The Lynne Yoder Company Dramatic 1
The Madison Sq Theatre Co w/ The McDowells Dramatic 1
The Mammoth Callendar Minstrel Festival (Starring) Billy Kersands, Tom McIntosh, George Castor, Wm. Armstrong, Charles Hunn, Alf. Smith and Pete Devonear & Two Pickaninnies Minstrel 1
The McDowell Comedy Company Dramatic 1
The Metropolitan Players (from Rochester NY) Dramatic 1
The Metropolitan Players (from Rochester NY) Dramatic 0
The Miln Shakespearean Co. (Starring Miln and Adele Payne) Dramatic 1
The Misses Avondale Vocal Performance 1
The Monster Dramatic and Musical Company (Starring Geo. H Adams) Dramatic 1
The Montrose Tabloid Stock Company Dramatic 0
The Naval and Military Theatrical Amateurs Dramatic 3
The Nightingale Ethiopian Serenaders and the White Serenaders Minstrel 0
The O'Connor Sisters and Wilbur Variety 1
The O'Connor Trio Concert 0
The Original Califormia Minstrels (Starring Cool Burgess, W Henry Rice, Ned Wambold, Alf Lawton and Ben Cotton) Entertainers / Minstrels 1
the original Christy Minstrels and Sam Sharpey's Troupe Minstrel 0
The Orpheum Players Dramatic 3
The Peerless Players Dramatic 0
The Revellers (Starring the Vokes Family) Dramatic 1
The Rex Stock Company Dramatic 2
The Rolfonians, Seldom's Venus, The Top O'the Worldf Dancers and Maxim's Models Mixed 0
The Roma Reid Players Dramatic 1
The Rooms for Rent Combination Dramatic 1
The Royal Alexandra English Players and the Imerial Opera Company Dramatic 0
The Royal Circus Circus 1
The Royal Hawiian (Quartette? - unclear reproduction in advertisement) Unknown 0
The Royal Players Dramatic 1
The Shakers 1
The Shaughraun Company (E A McDowell) Dramatic 13
The Stetson Opera Company (Starring Miss Lamount) Opera 2
The Stolen Kisses Co Dramatic 1
The Texas Jack Combonation Dramatic 0
The Three Keatons amd Irene Franklin and Jack Norworth Variety 0
The Vassar Girls and Jean Marcel's Living Art Studio Other 0
The Viennoise Children Dance 1
The Vokes Family Dramatic 1
The Webber Combination Dramatic 1
The Webber Company Dramatic 1
The Winnipeg Kiddies Dramatic 0
The Workers Experimental Theatre Dramatic 0
The Wright Players Dramatic 1
The York Band Musicians 1
The Ziegfeld Follies and George M. Cohan Variety 0
The Zoological Institute of New York Exhibition 1
Theatre de la porte St martin Dramatic 1
Theatre Guild of New York Dramatic 0
Theatre of Action (reorganized WET) Dramatic 0
Theatre Royal w/ Kate Fisher Dramatic 0
Theatre York Dramatic 0
Thomas Neville 1
Thompson, Elvira Dramatic 1
Thompson, Rev. Dr. Lecture 2
Thompson, Susie Vocal Performance 2
Thornton Musicians 1
Thos. W Keene Dramatic 1
Tobin, John Dramatic 1
Toddles" the baby elephant Performing Animals 0
Tony Denier Matchless Pantomime Coterie (Starring Tony Denier, Geo H Adams) Dramatic 1
Tony Denier Pantomime (Starring Tony Denier, Geo H Adams) Other 0
Tony Denier's Humpty Dumpty Pantomime Co Dramatic 1
Tony Denier`s Pantomime Co Dramatic 2
Tony Denier`s trimammouth Humpty Dumpty Pantomime Co Other 1
Tony Pastor Variety 1
Toots Paaka and her Hawaiian Trio Entertainers / Minstrels 0
Toots Paka and Her Hawiians, Fred Karno's English Music Hall Company, Joe Welsh, the Six Kirksmiths, Consul the Chimp and the Great Leon Variety 0
Topp, Rev. Mr. Lecture 0
Toronto Amateur Dramatic Association Dramatic 9
Toronto Amateur Glee Club Vocal Performance 0
Toronto Amateur Theatrical Society Dramatic 9
Toronto Colored Boys' Musical Club Vocal Performance 0
Toronto Coloured Young Men's Amateur Theatrical Society Dramatic 1
Toronto Dramatic Society Dramatic 5
Toronto Lacrosse Club Minstrels Minstrel 0
Toronto Lyceum (non-dramatic) Debate 19
Toronto Lyceum Troupe (1858) Dramatic 133
Toronto Lyceum Troupe (1860) Dramatic 2
Toronto Lyceum Troupe (1861) Dramatic 0
Toronto Repertory Theatre Dramatic 0
Toronto Repertory Theatre Company (Cameron Matthews) 0
Toronto Theatrical Amateurs Dramatic 0
Truevale Dramatic Company Dramatic 1
Truly Shattuck Unknown 0
Turner Band 1
Tuscarora Indians Vocal Performance 2
Twentieth Century Literary Association (Hamilton) Debate 1
Tyler, Miss Vocal Performance 1
Ugo Beondi, an italian protean artist (transfigurator) Dramatic 0
Union Band Band 0
Union Brass Band Band 0
Union Church Concert Troupe (Chatham 1915) Vocal Performance 1
Union Sabbath School Tea Meeting Troupe (68) Vocal Performance 1
Union Sabbath School, Georgetown Supper/Festival 1
Union Sq Theatre Co Dramatic 1
Unknown Band (Hamilton 61) Band 0
Unknown Company Dramatic 9
Ure, Rev. Mr. Lecture 0
Urquhart, W.T. Lecture 1
Valentine Entertainment Troupe (Niagara Falls 15) Vocal Performance 1
Valentine Stock Company Dramatic 1
Valerie Bergere and her company Opera 0
Van Amburgh Circus 1
Van Don Burg Opera Company Opera 0
Varsity Veterans of the university of Toronto Dramatic 1
Vaughan Glaser 1
Vaughan Glaser Hamilton Players Dramatic 0
Ventriloquist Wilbur Variety 1
Vesta Victoria Concert 0
Victor Ravel Circus 1
Victoria Day Troupe(s) (Georgetown 68) Supper/Festival 1
Victory Arena and Great Western Circus Circus 1
Visher, Professor Band 1
Visscher Band 0
Vogel and Deming's Minstrels Minstrel 0
Volta, the Petching Brothers and Bert Levy were all novelty acts. Variety 0
Volunteer Ball & Supper (Acton 66) Dance 1
Volunteer Ball & Supper (Acton 67) Dance 1
Volunteer Ball (Oakville 66) Dance 1
Volunteer Band Fund Concert (Milton 66) Band 1
W H Lytell's Celebrated Fifth Avenue Company Dramatic 1
W H Power's Company (with Johnny Ward) Dramatic 1
W H Power's Dramatic Co Dramatic 1
W J Scanlan (Irish Comedian) Other 1
W. C. Fields Dramatic 1
W. C. Fields, Bert Levy and Jean Marcel Variety 0
W. H. Crane Other 0
Wade, John Jr. Lecture 0
Wahle's Band Band 0
Walker Dramatic 1
Wallace's Troupe of Acting Bears Circus 4
Wallack Mr Dramatic 3
Waller, Mr. & Mrs. Dramatic 7
Walter Huston Dramatic 0
Walters, Mast. Entertainers / Minstrels 0
Warde and Barrymore Dramatic 0
Waterman`s Boston Ideal Uncle Tom`s Cabin Co Dramatic 1
WB Yeats Lecture 3
Webbe, Rev. Mr. Lecture 1
Wells Brown, W. Lecture 0
Wesleyan Church Choir (Milton) Vocal Performance 5
Wesleyan Church Congregation (Milton) Supper/Festival 3
Wesleyan Church Sabbath School (Milton 1864) Vocal Performance 2