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Title Type Number of Events Found
102; or, The Veteran and His Progeny Play 5 event(s)
A Budget of Blunders Play 1 event(s)
A Guardian there was Song 1 event(s)
A Highland Reel Song 1 event(s)
A Night in Wonder-World Magic Trick 1 event(s)
A Race for a Dinner Play 1 event(s)
A Trip to Coontown Play 0 event(s)
A Yankee Story 3 event(s)
Actress of All Work Play 2 event(s)
Adam and Eve in Paradise Panorama 1 event(s)
Address on 1847 Lecture 1 event(s)
Adrienne le Couvier Dramatic 2 event(s)
Advocate, The; or The Last Cause Play 3 event(s)
Affair of Honour, An Dramatic 0 event(s)
Alarming Sacrifice, An Play 4 event(s)
Alexander's Feast Reading 1 event(s)
Alive and Kicking Play 1 event(s)
All Around My Hat Song 1 event(s)
All That Glitters Is Not Gold Play 4 event(s)
All's Well Duet 1 event(s)
Alpine Maid, or Swiss Swains Dramatic 2 event(s)
Amateurs and Actors Play 1 event(s)
Ambrose Gwinette; or, The Drunkard's Doom Play 1 event(s)
Anchor of Hope, The; or The Seaman's Bride Dramatic 2 event(s)
Ancient Jerusalem Lecture 1 event(s)
Angeline le lis, or The Maid of Waterloo Dramatic 1 event(s)
Angels Ever Bright and Fair Song 1 event(s)
Animal Magnetism Play 1 event(s)
Annie of the Vale Song 1 event(s)
Anthony and Cleopatra Play 1 event(s)
Apostate Play 1 event(s)
Artist's Wife Play 2 event(s)
As You Like It Play 1 event(s)
Asmodeus, the Little Devil, or My Share Play 4 event(s)
At Home for an Hour in Ould Ireland 1 event(s)
Atheism, or the Speech of the Coward and the Fool Lecture 1 event(s)
Away She Went Dance 2 event(s)
Song 0 event(s)
Awfulness of Human Speech, The Lecture 1 event(s)
Babes in the Wood Song 1 event(s)
Bachelor of Arts, A Play 1 event(s)
Bachelor's Buttons Play 5 event(s)
Ballad Song 1 event(s)
Bamboozling Play 5 event(s)
Banjo Solo Song 1 event(s)
Bar Act Circus Act 2 event(s)
Barber of Seville Opera 2 event(s)
Barbier di Siviglia, Il Song 1 event(s)
Basket Dance Circus Act 1 event(s)
Bath Road, The; Or, Married for a Day Play 2 event(s)
Bathing; or, Mistakes will Happen Play 0 event(s)
Beatrice di Tenda Song 1 event(s)
Beautiful Boy, The Song 1 event(s)
Beautiful Star Song 1 event(s)
Beauty and the Beast Play 11 event(s)
Beauty and Ye Beast, Ye Song 1 event(s)
Becks have at ye all Song 1 event(s)
Belle' Strategem, The Play 0 event(s)
Belphegor, the Mountebank Play 0 event(s)
Belphegor, the Mountebank, Or The Pride of BIrth Play 0 event(s)
Ben Bolt Play 5 event(s)
Ben the Boatswain Dramatic 1 event(s)
Bertram, or The Castle of St. Aldobrand Play 1 event(s)
Best Old Flag on Earth, The Song 2 event(s)
Betsey Baker; or Little Green Grocer's Shop at the Corner of the Street, The Play 3 event(s)
Betsey Baker; or, The Little Green Grocer Shop at the Corner of the Street Play 2 event(s)
Bible, The, or the Speech of God admonishing of momentous events Lecture 1 event(s)
Bible, The, or the Speech of God affirming Historic and Scientific Facts Lecture 1 event(s)
Bible, The, or the Speech of God by means of Inspiration Lecture 1 event(s)
Bible, The, or the Speech of God deciding Human Destiny Lecture 1 event(s)
Bible, The, or the Speech of God exerting moral influences Lecture 1 event(s)
Bible, The, or the Speech of God to Humanity Lecture 1 event(s)
Bid me Discourse Song 1 event(s)
Billy Barlow Song 3 event(s)
Bits and Scrapts Song 0 event(s)
Black Barber Play 1 event(s)
Black Eyed Susan; or, All in the Downs Play 11 event(s)
Blighted Being, A Dramatic 4 event(s)
Blue Devils; or, The Hypochondriac Play 3 event(s)
Blue Tailed Fly, The Song 2 event(s)
Boarding School, The Play 3 event(s)
Boat Glee, The Song 1 event(s)
Bob Nettles Play 1 event(s)
Bold Soger Boy, The Song 1 event(s)
Bold Stroke for a Husband, A Play 0 event(s)
Bombastes Furioso; or, The Courtiers of Olden Times Play 8 event(s)
Bombates Furioso Dance 1 event(s)
Bonnie Jean Song 1 event(s)
Boots at the Swan Play 5 event(s)
Born to Good Luck; or, Irishman's Fortune Play 5 event(s)
Bottle Imp, The Play 0 event(s)
Box and Cox Play 11 event(s)
Boy of Biscay, The Song 1 event(s)
Brian Boroihme; or, The Battle of Clontarf Play 7 event(s)
Brian Boroimhe Song 1 event(s)
Brian O'Lynn, or Brother'd Between 'Em Play 2 event(s)
Bride of Lammermoor, The Dramatic 1 event(s)
Brigand, The Dramatic 1 event(s)
Briskly beat the hollow drum Song 1 event(s)
Broken Sword Play 1 event(s)