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Performers & Companies Type of Performer # of Events
Cary, Estella Vocal Performance 1
Cassie Loftus Dramatic 0
Cataract No. 2 Co. (Hamilton 61) Picnic 0
Catherine Proctor Dramatic 1
Catholic School Excursion Troupe (Hamilton 61) Excursion 0
Cecilia Loftus Dramatic 0
Celebrated Sawtelle Company Dramatic 1
Central Band of Hope (1860) Dramatic 0
Cerito, Mme. Dance 1
Chapin, Rev. E.H. Lecture 0
Chapman, Professor Lecture 0
Charles B. Mulholland 0
Charles Dibdin Pitt 11
Charles Dickson, Robert Hilliard, Mary Hampton, Frank Bush, Edmund Day, Charles Burke and Grace LaRue (see notes) Dramatic 0
Charles Fletcher Dramatic 2
Charles L Davis Dramatic 1
Charles L Davis' Alvin Joslin Comedy Company Other 1
Charles Montford 0
Charles Peters 9
Charles R. Sweet, tramp musician Musicians 0
Charles S. Gilpin Dramatic 1
Charlotte Morrisson, daughter of John Nickerson, and a popular actress in Toronto Dramatic 0
Charlotte Rury Dramatic 0
Charlotte Thompson Dramatic 1
Chas. A Watkins 5th Avenue Combination (Starring Miss Ada Gray) Dramatic 1
Chas. Boswold's Opera Band Band 4
Chas. Erin Verner & Katherine Walsh Dramatic 1
Cherry Sisters Dramatic 1
Children of St. Mary's Orphan Asylum Vocal Performance 0
Choir (Canada Presbyterian Church Soiree 68) Vocal Performance 1
Choral Club of the Ontario House Vocal Performance 1
Christy's Minstrels Entertainers / Minstrels 0
Cissie Loftus Dramatic 0
Cissie Loftus and Elsie Janis Other 0
City Band Band 2
City Band (Hamilton 61) Band 0
Claire Romaine Other 0
Claire Scott & S K Coburn Dramatic 1
Clara Turner Stock Co Dramatic 1
Clarence Wilbur and his Ten Funny Folk Dramatic 0
Cleaver Dramatic 1
Clifford Webb's production (w/Florence McGee ) Dramatic 1
Clifford, J. H. Entertainers / Minstrels 0
Close, Earl Band 1
Coldstream Sons of Temperance Choir Band 0
Collier ad Rice`s Opera Co (Starring Little Mule) Opera 1
Collins Dramatic 4
Collins, D. W. Entertainers / Minstrels 0
Collins, Frank Dramatic 1
Colonel Mann`s Circus Circus 0
Colonial Stock Co Dramatic 1
Comedy Theatre Players Dramatic 0
Concert Troupe (St. Lawrence,1860) Concert 1
Concert Troupe (unknown venue,1860) Concert 1
Congo Minstrels, The Minstrel 3
Conn, Prof. G. Band 1
Conolly, Thomas Batty Lecture 2
Cooksville Brass Band Band 2
Cool Burgess Dramatic 1
Cool Burgess and Family, Middleton Bros Marionnettes Dramatic 1
Cool Burgess, Denman Thompson and Patrick Redmond Variety 1
Cool Burgess, Spalding's Swiss Bell Ringers Variety 1
Cool Johnston's Australian Burlesque Co. Dramatic 1
Cooper, Mr. T. Concert 1
Corinee 'the miniature prima donna' & a speciality company of adult entertainers Variety 1
Cornish, John Dramatic 1
Corrobory Social (Omagh 67) Band 1
Crescent Club (Toronto) Dance 1
Crest Company, The 0
Culhane Comedians Dramatic 0
Cummings Stock Company Dramatic 0
Cumminsville Division No. 230 Sons of Temperance Supper/Festival 4
Cuporiti, "the famous Hindoo Juggler", The Carltons (dancers), Nankeville, The Bowmans (comedy), see notes Variety 1
Curran, Dick Vocal Performance 1
Curzon Sisters Acrobats/Physical Feats 0
D'Oyly Carte's London Co Dramatic 0
D'Oyly Carte's Opera Co Opera 4
D'Oyly Carte`s Opera Co Opera 2
D. Robertson 1
Dan Rice Circus 1
Daniel Bandmann's English Company Dramatic 0
Danny Simon Dramatic 0
David Byron Company Dramatic 0
Davidge, W. Dramatic 11
Davidson, Mr. J.A. Lecture 0
Davis, Miss Dramatic 1
Dawson, Gratton Dramatic 1
Day's International Theatre Company Dramatic 1
De Rue Bros Minstrel 0
Deaf and Dumb Institute, Hamilton Exhibition 2
Dean Family, The Dramatic 1
Delany Musicians 1
Denin, Susan Dramatic 13
Denman Thompson Dramatic 0
Denman Thompson and Orchestra Concert 1
Derr's Educated Sacred Bull Circus 4
Devene`s Colossal Allied Attractions Variety 1
Dickie Lingard and her New York Co Dramatic 1
Digby Bell, a comic opera star Concert 0
Dominion Stock Co 1
Donald Brian Dramatic 2
Dorothy Russell, the daughter of Lillian Russell Opera 0
Dorsay, Charles Vocal Performance 2
Dorsay, John Vocal Performance 2
Dorsey Quartet Vocal Performance 1
Dr. Martin Dramatic 1
Dr. Okah Tubbee 1
Dr. Thomas Howe Lecture 1
Dresser, Miss Lecture 0
Drew, Mr. & Mrs. Dramatic 2
Drop-In Club (Brantford 1915) Dramatic 0
Duboyce, Madame, Indian Female Physician Lecture 1
Duckworth Allison Dramatic 1
Duprez & Green's New Orleans Minstrels Minstrel 6
Duprez and Benedict's Original New Orleans and Metropolitan Minstrels and Brass Band Entertainers / Minstrels 1
Duprez and Benedict`s Famous Gigantic Minstrels Entertainers / Minstrels 1
Duprez and Benedict`s Famous Minstrels & Royal Brass Band Entertainers / Minstrels 1
Durand, Jules Concert 1
E A McDowell Dramatic 1
E A McDowell Co Opera 1
E A McDowell Co Dramatic 2
E A McDowell Co (Starring Percy Hunting-character actor) Dramatic 1
E A McDowell Dramatic Co Dramatic 1
E A McDowell's Great Burlesque and Specialty Co Dramatic 1
E A McDowell's New Shaughran Co (starring Geo. Fawcett Rowe) Dramatic 1
E A McDowell's Shaughraun Co Dramatic 2
E A McDowell's Vaudeville Company Dramatic 2
E A McDowell`s Famous Vaudeville Co Dramatic 1
E A McDowell`s Original Shaughran Co Dramatic 1
E A Southern Dramatic 1
E A Southern, Johnston Forbes-Robertson, The Montreal National Opera and William Faversham with Cecilia Loftus Dramatic 0
E A Southern, Montgomery and Stone Dramatic 0
E P Myerson (agent) Dramatic 1
E. S. Willard Dramatic 0
E. S. Willard, Viola Allen, Richard Mansfield, E. H. Sothern and Julia Marlowe Mixed 0
E.F. & J. Marie's Menagerie Circus 0
Easterbrook's Choir Vocal Performance 1
Eaton Stone 1
Ebenezer Sabbath School Soiree Supper/Festival 3
Eddie Foy and the seven Little Foys, Mercedes (telepath), Maurice Levi and his Invisible Band and magician Ching Ling Foo Variety 0
Edith Taliaferro's Stock Co Dramatic 1
Edna Wallace Hopper Dramatic 1
Edward H Robbin's Players, featured Eugene Frazier and Harry G Lyons Dramatic 1
Edward H Robbin's Players, starring Alfred Woodhouse Dramatic 1
Edward Keane Players Dramatic 0
Edwin Ford and William F. Rogers Dance 0
Effie Fay Unknown 0
Egan Vocal Performance 2
Egbert Dramatic Company (w/ Little Miss Lulu Wade) Dramatic 1
Ella Mayberry Circus 1
Ellerby, Rev. T.S. Lecture 12
Elsie Janis Concert 0
Elsie Janis and the Four Cohans Concert 0
Elsie Janis, Robert Mantell, Fritzi Scheff, James K. Hackett, Sir Charles Wyndham, Blanche Bates, Robert Hilliard see notes Dramatic 0
Elsie Janis, The Russell Brothers and The Four Mortons Concert 0
Emerson, Ralph Waldo Lecture 0
Emma Carus and James J. Corbett Unknown 0
Empire Players 1
Empire Theatre Co (under Majorie Foster and John Holder) Dramatic 0
English Players Dramatic 1
English's Great Original Ravel Troupe (Mrs V. B. English) Opera 0
Enrico Caruso Opera 1
Episcopal Parsonage Social (Milton 67) Supper/Festival 1
Episcopal Sabbath School Tea Meeting (Milton 1865) Supper/Festival 1
Erin Concert Troupe (68) Band 1
Ernest Ball Musicians 0
Esmond and Moore Dramatic 6
Ethel Barrymore Vocal Performance 0
Ethel Barrymore, Olga Petrova, Lulu Glaser, Edna Goodrich, Henry Woodruff and Julius Steger Dramatic 0
Eva Tanguay Concert 0
Evelyn Nesbit Thaw Dance 0
Everett's Choir (Milton 1864) Vocal Performance 1
Everett, Prof. Lecture 0
Everetts' Choir (Bowmanville 1865) Vocal Performance 1
Ex-Pupils of the Christian Bros School and Local Talent Dramatic 1
F L Gardner`s Celebrated Co Dramatic 1
F R Benson Dramatic 2
F Stuart Whytes English Pantomimes Dramatic 0
F. W. Stairs Company (stock burlesque) Variety 0
F.W. Whitaker 1
Fadettes of Boston Mixed 0
Fanny Wallack 6
Farlton Sunday School Anniversary Soiree Supper/Festival 2
Farlton Union Sunday School Tea Meeting (68) Supper/Festival 1
Father Kemp's Old Folks' Concert Company Vocal Performance 1
Felix Morris' Academy of Music Co. of Montreal Musicians 0
Fenton, Thomas Lecture 1
Ferguson, C. - The Blind Piper Band 0
Fifth Avenue Combination Dramatic 1
Filgiano Vocal Performance 1
Fischer and Hanson Co- The Cold Day Dramatic Co Dramatic 1
Fisk, E.W. Band 1
Fitch, B.F. Lecture 0
Fleming's Star Dramatic Company Dramatic 0
Flo Adler Entertainers/Minstrels 1
Flora Chaine Unknown 1
Florence Gillette Dramatic 0
Florence Johnstone Stock Co Dramatic 1
Florence Reed Dramatic 0
Florenz Ziegfeld Jr. Variety 0