Booth Hall

Located in Shropshire : Shrewsbury
Town Hall
Performance Space: Hall
Width: 25.5' Length: 63'
Built: 1512 Demolished: 1785

Phillips, writing a few years before the Booth Hall's demolition, described it thus: 'The present is an old, low, timber building, consisting of a large room 63 feet in length, and 25 1/2 in breadth, in which assizes, sessions, and other courts are held; it is commodious, but in no respect elegant; adjoining to it is a large room, commonly called the Green Room, but more properly the agreeing Room, or chamber of concord, which room was altered and beautified in the year 1741' (<em>History and Antiquities of Shrewsbury</em> 133).

Another witness, Owen, writing several decades later, added further details: 'The old Town Hall was a large strong timber building with a high clock turret and stood across the present square at right angles with about the center of the space occupied by the new Hall. The ground floor was let out for shops, and a covered passage for carriages communicated with the High-street. Over these was the Hall, a low room, 63 feet by 25, in which the assizes and sessions were held' (<em>Ancient and Present State of Shrewsbury</em> 404--5).