Rotherham, Thomas (1423 - 1500)

Born / Died

Birth Date: 1423-08-24
Death Date: 1500-05-29


Took sancturary in St Martin's-le-Grand during the temporary restoration of Henry VI 29 Sept. 1470--11 April 1471. Imprisoned in the Tower 13 June 1483; released later in the year


Details of Offices

Began Ended Notes
Keeper of the Privy Seal, England 1467-6-24 n.d. Tenure of office suspended during the temporary restoration of Henry VI 29 Sept. 1470--11 April 1471
Bishop, Rochester Diocese 1468-4-3 (date consecrated) 1471/2-01-8 (date translated to the bishopric of Lincoln)
Chancellor, Cambridgeshire 1469 n.d.
Bishop, Lincoln Diocese 1471/2-1-8 (date translated) 1480-07-7 (date translated to the archbishopric of York)
Chancellor, Cambridgeshire 1473 1492
Chancellor of England, England 1474-5-27 1483-05-10 John Alcock was acting Chancellor from late April to 28 Sept. 1475, while Rotherham was with Edward IV on his French campaign
Archbishop, Province of York 1480-7-7 (date translated) n.d.
Chancellor of England, England 1485-9-18 1485-10-7

Details of Properties


  • Cawood Castle, Yorkshire: West Riding
    Acquired: 1480
    Divested: 1500-05-29

Events Naming Patron

Event Date Location Troupe
Performance 1476-1477 Guildhall, Launceston , Cornwall Lord Chancellor's Minstrels

Patronized Troupes

Troupe Name Patron Troupe Type # of events
Lord Chancellor's Minstrels Rotherham, Thomas (1423 - 1500) Entertainers/Minstrels 1

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