Hutton, Catherine ( - )

Other Last Names


Born / Died

Birth Date: n.d.
Death Date: n.d.

Marriages/Other Unions

  1. Type: marriage
    Union began: n.d.
    Union ended: n.d.
    Note: Union produced three additional daughters


From Dudley, Edmund (1543 - 1614)

  1. Female offspring: Dudley, Dorothy (n.d.)
  2. Male offspring: Dudley, Richard (b. 1562)
  3. Female offspring: Dudley, Elizabeth (b. 1564)
  4. Male offspring: Dudley, John (1573 - 1622)
  5. Female offspring: Dudley, Winifred (b. 1565)
  6. Male offspring: Dudley, Henry (n.d.)

Bibliographic Sources

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