Dauntsey, John (1591 - 1630)

Born / Died

Birth Date: by 1591
Death Date: 1630


Marriages/Other Unions

  1. Type: marriage
    Union began: n.d.
    Union ended: n.d.

Primary Title



  • Knight
    Assumed 1603-07-23
    Vacated 1630

Details of Offices

Began Ended Notes
Sheriff, Wiltshire 1596-12-20 n.d.
Deputy Lieut, Wiltshire 1624 n.d.

Details of Properties


  • Bishop's Lavington, Wiltshire
    Also known as West Lavington


  • Wiltshire: Compton Coombe
    Divested: 1628
  • Wiltshire: Great Cheverall, Market Lavington, Melksham & Patney
    Market Lavington also known as East Lavington; Melksham held in trust

Events Naming Patron

Event Date Location Troupe
Performance 1621-1621 St Mary's Guildhall, Coventry , Coventry (city-county) in Warwickshire Sir John Dauntsey's Waits

Patronized Troupes

Troupe Name Patron Troupe Type # of events
Sir John Dauntsey's Waits Dauntsey, John (1591 - 1630) Musicians 1

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