Berkeley, James de (1394 - 1463)

Born / Died

Birth Date: ca. 1394
Death Date: 1463-11

Marriages/Other Unions

  1. Type: marriage
    Union began: 1410-4
    Union ended: n.d.
    Note: marriage contract date; marriage possibly not consummated
  2. Type: marriage
    Union began: 1415
    Union ended: n.d.
  3. Type: marriage
    Union began: 1423
    Union ended: n.d.
    Note: Married between this date and 1424; union produced one additional daughter; third and fourth sons possibly born to fourth wife
  4. Type: marriage
    Union began: 1457-7-25
    Union ended: n.d.
    Note: marriage settlement date


From Mowbray, Isabel de ( - 1452)

  1. Male offspring: Berkeley, William (b. 1426)
  2. Female offspring: Berkeley, Elizabeth (n.d.)
  3. Male offspring: Berkeley, Maurice (b. 1435)
  4. Female offspring: Berkeley, Isabel (n.d.)
  5. Male offspring: Berkeley, James (n.d.)
  6. Male offspring: Berkeley, Thomas (n.d.)

Primary Title

1st Baron Berkeley


  • 1st Baron Berkeley
    Assumed 1421-10-20
    Vacated 1463-11

Details of Offices

Began Ended Notes
JP, Gloucestershire 1421/2 1424
JP, Gloucestershire 1432 1433
JP, Gloucestershire 1435 n.d.
Commissioner of Array, Gloucestershire 1436 n.d.
JP, Gloucestershire 1437 1441
JP, Gloucestershire 1443/4 1446
JP, Gloucestershire 1447/8 1449
JP, Gloucestershire 1455 1458
JP, Gloucestershire 1461/2 n.d.

General Lands Note

All properties inherited from uncle were in dispute from 1417-1453 between heir male and heir general (da of 5th Baron Berkeley)

Details of Properties


  • Berkeley Castle, Gloucestershire


  • Gloucestershire: Alkington, Appleridge, Berkeley, Cam, Cowley, Ham, Hinton, Slimbridge, Symond's Hall Farm, Upton St. Leonards, Wotton under Edge Manors & Berkeley Hundred
    Acquired: 1417
    Berkeley lands: patrimony (via uncle)
  • Gloucestershire: Arlingham, Little Marshfield & Sages Manors
  • Somerset: Portbury & Portishead Manors & Portbury Hundred
    Acquired: 1417
    Berkeley lands: patrimony (via uncle)

Events Naming Patron

Event Date Location Troupe
Performance 1429-1430 Exeter (Unknown), Exeter , Exeter (city-county) in Devon Lord Berkeley's Minstrel/s
Performance 1428-1429 Exeter (Unknown), Exeter , Exeter (city-county) in Devon Lord Berkeley's Minstrels

Patronized Troupes

Troupe Name Patron Troupe Type # of events
Lord Berkeley's Minstrel/s Berkeley, James de (1394 - 1463) Entertainers/Minstrels 1
Lord Berkeley's Minstrels Berkeley, James de (1394 - 1463) Entertainers/Minstrels 1

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