Earl of Leicester's Player, 9 Jan. 1640 -9 Jan. 1640, Coventry


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Event Type: 
Date: 09 Jan. 1640-09 Jan. 1640 ( Probable payment date )

Event Details

Location: Coventry
County: Coventry (city-county) in Warwickshire
Type: Performance
Venue: St Mary's Guildhall
Performance Space: Hall
Note: Probable performance venue
Troupe: Earl of Leicester's Player
Troupe Qualifier: Definitely
Troupe's Patron: Sidney, Robert (1595 - 1677)
Troupe: Lord Goring's Player
Troupe Qualifier: Definitely
Troupe: Lord Clifford's Player
Troupe Qualifier: Definitely

Number of Performers




Performance comprised George Corden (Earl of Leicester's servant), William Johnson (Lord Clifford's servant), George Sanderson (Lord Goring's servant) and 13 more assistant players with a patent to play from the King

Troupe Payments

Composite 48s. 2d. (Payment includes building a scaffold)

Event Source

Source: REED Coventry 444