Earl of Suffolk's Entertainer/s, 5 Oct. 1622 -5 Oct. 1622, Norwich


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Event Type: 
Performance Regulations
Date: 05 Oct. 1622-05 Oct. 1622 (Account entry date)

Event Details

Location: Norwich
County: Norwich (city-county) in Norfolk
Type: Performance Regulations
Venue: Norwich (Unknown)
Troupe: Earl of Suffolk's Entertainer/s
Troupe Qualifier: Definitely
Troupe's Patron: Howard, Thomas (1561 - 1626)

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Entertainer named John Dorman (or Dowman) presented a 'testimonial' from Suffolk and others authorising 'them' to show 'feats of activity.' The Mayors' Court Book notes that on 24 May 1620 Dorman/Dowman was paid 22 s. not to perform but did so anyway, and that therefore he is ordered not to perform

Event Source

Source: REED Norwich 1540-1642 173