Earl of Sussex's Players, 12 Jan. 1544 -12 Jan. 1544, Norwich


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Event Type: 
Date: 12 Jan. 1544-12 Jan. 1544

Event Details

Location: Norwich
County: Norwich (city-county) in Norfolk
Type: Performance
Venue: Common Hall
Performance Space: Hall
Troupe: Earl of Sussex's Players
Troupe Qualifier: Definitely

Number of Performers


Troupe Payments

Payment 7s. 4d. (For an interlude. A later entry for the same performance records a payment of 7s. 2d.)
Supplies/Labour 14d. (For making a stage)
Supplies/Labour 6d. (Paid to 6 laborers who carried 12 poplar planks from the Common Inn to the Common Hall to make a scaffold)
Composite 8d. (Paid to a carpenter that made the scaffold and for bread and drink for the players and laborers)
Gathered 2s. 10d. (Gathered from the mayor and his brethern)

Event Source

Source: REED Norwich 1540-1642 12