Town Hall

Venue Type & Location

Town Hall

Site Name: Town Hall
Location: Bridgwater
County: Somerset
Location Type: Town - in town at determined location


The medieval guild or town hall survived on Fore Street until the early 19th c. when the corporation moved to another building.

Performance History

As the seat of civic government and centre for festive occasions, Bridgwater's town hall was probably the venue for most performances by touring entertainers before the mayor and city officials before 1642.

Current Status


History of the Venue

1354 A guildhall with the hall on the upper storey and booths at ground level first recorded on Fore Street (VCH: Somers 6.202).

18th c. Rooms included a burgess hall or council house, a serjeants' hall and a small library and records room.

1808 Building dilapidated; demolition proposed.

1822 Corporation relocated to the grand jury room in the assize hall on High Street. Old town hall probably demolished about the same time.

1823 Corporation moved to a new building in the neoclassical style adjoining the assize hall.

1865 New town hall in Venetian style built on the site of the former assize hall.

Record Source

REED Somers 1.41--59

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