Grimley Manor

Venue Type & Location

Private Residence

Site Name: Grimley Manor
Location: near Worcester
County: Worcestershire
Location Type: Town - near town at determined location


Grimley is a little village 4 m. nw of Worcester, on the western bank of the Severn

The manor-house was built in the time of Henry VIII. It was subsequently destroyed near the end of the 17th c. and there is a house which now stands on its site.

There are large gardens enclosed within ancient walls and remains of old fish-pools.

Performance History

The key figure related to this venue is Prior William More, the last Prior of the Cathedral Priory of Worcester until its Dissolution in 1538. The relevant dates are thus 1475-1538.

Current Status

The manor no longer exists.

History of the Venue

The manor was owned by Worcester Cathedral Priory, and the manor house was one of the venues at which Prior William More, the last Prior, paid for entertainments.

Record Source

REED Herefordshire / Worcester, 99-999

Bibliographic Sources

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