Epworth Castle

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Private Residence

Site Name: Epworth Castle
Location: Epworth Castle
County: Lincolnshire
Location Type: Countryside - at determined location


Located in the centre of the Isle of Axholme, the manor house of the Mowbray family was in a relatively isolated location during the period of their residence.

Traces of a hall, kitchen, covered walkway, courtyard and ancillary buildings have been found during excavations on the site.

Performance History

Probable performance venue. Although household records have not been found, entertainers patronized by members of the Mowbray family are recorded elsewhere in the 15th c. It is likely that they also performed at their patrons' residence.

Current Status

Long demolished.

History of the Venue

late 15th c. On the death of Ann, the last Mowbray heiress, the estate passed to the Berkeley family.

1506 Sold to Thomas Stanley, 1st Earl of Derby. No longer used as a residence.

late 16th c. Passed to the Crown.

1649 Granted to Sir George Carteret.

1975--6 Excavations done on the site, identifying it as the location of the Mowbray manor house.

Record Source

REED Cambridge 1.23; York 1.75

Patrons who owned this venue

Name Dates Titles
Mowbray, John de 1392-1432 8th Baron , Baron , 12th Earl of , 4th Earl of , 2nd Duke of
Neville, Katherine 1400-1483 Duchess of , Viscountess

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